Working on 2 version of same image (a clone)

Is it possible to work on 2 version of the same image at the same time from within RT, without making a hard copy of the original?
Say I want to edit an image to see what it would look like in B&W and then edit the same image in say colour, but still have both appear in the file browser.

I finally got to ask a definitive answer. It is no. :frowning:

(I got to heat and ask @heckflosse).

What is wrong with this: make a copy of the file, give it a modified name, and work with both? Or analogously with 22 copies if your heading is correct.

A PP3 file takes ~10kB on average. A raw file takes 10-40MB on average.

I guess the “23” in the title was a typo, @Britman probably wanted to say “2 versions”.
What I do in this situation, is to save the two .pp3 presets with different name suffixes (for example xxx_color.pp3 and xxx_bw.pp3). Then if I want to compare both directly, I load the image with the first preset, I toggle the before/after view (shift-b shortcut) and load the second preset. This way I can zoom in and out, comparing different areas if the same image simultaneously to decide which one I like better. Or sometimes, without saving presets, I use the snapshots feature.
Saving pp3’s is the best way if want to keep your presets and come back to them later on in a another session.

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I don’t get it. How do you load a certain preset? Does it involve renaming files?

@baloe Try here

You can read a little about it here: