Would this be a so called Pancake lens?

On a local site I just found this offer
“Konica with a really good lens for sale”:


Would that be what they call a “pancake lens”?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden



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:rofl: Gave a good chuckle when I noticed it.

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Looks raw @Claes :face_vomiting:


You have to wonder how these things happen.

Somehow that made me think of a something several years ago from humorist Dave Barry, his hilarious parody of the “Read this First!” sheets that (used to?) come in the box with newly-purchased equipment. Invariably they were poorly translated from some other language:


In particular, I thought of the Polish sausage reference in the first paragraph.

As a side note, I was a SUN Solaris sysadmin for 2+ decades (in addition to other stuff) but I never until just now noticed the support phone number he included in the first paragraph: “PLEASE FOR GOD’S SAKE DON’T CALL 1-800-USA-4SUN …”. How many times I did call that number over the years and never once knew to bring up the DB connection to the support engineer (who in all fairness probably never heard of Dave Barry). :crazy_face:

[edit] - I’ve since found another copy of this article which doesn’t include the SUN support number. So apparently it was added. But still funny nonetheless.


The first camera where the choice is not raw/jpeg but raw/baked(*).

(*) You can only pan with a movie camera.


Is that why film critics often pan movies? :smiley:

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I once saw a lens up for auction that had a dead spider entombed between the elements; best of all, it was advertised as being in great condition! :no_mouth:


great mummification (of the spider) I guess. :spider:


Why do I have this image of a very annoyed John Cleese with Michael Palin explaining that “This isn’t a spider web, this is an elaborate crosshair for framing”.


There’s no pancake here at all, I was deliberately wasting your time.


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The thing on the lens looks like chamois leather to me — while a lens cap would be best, for protecting the lens (or, possibly, the UV filter since it looks like there is one) it is OK in a pinch.

Yep, could be, hard to tell from the photo. This kind of situation is where a little description could go a long way… and not to say there wasn’t more in the original advert. But you have to admit it looks a bit strange. :flushed:

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To me it looks like the HEPA filter of a vacuum cleaner. Probably it’s a multifunction camera.


Can’t help but suspect that a certain amount of pun was intended here :sweat_smile:


Are you implying that lens sucks?:slight_smile:



Me [innocently]: what on earth makes you believe that?

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:rofl: :rofl: