Wow stacks super fast!

I just tried your mono preprocess script.

It stacked 200, 4k x 4K images using over a hundred darks, bias and flats.

An excellent result in just 54 seconds.

I have 32 core and a lot of ram and this beat PI’s WBPP script by factor of 9x.

Magic . How did you do this ?



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This is no magic, this is engineering :slight_smile:
I’m glad someone finally noticed siril was fast (under ideal conditions :smiley:)
We parallelize as much as we can and we tried to optimize the complicated bits too, and it’s also written in an almost extinct programming language that results in faster execution.

That old dinosaur code does the trick on my system.

what language is it written in?

In C.


ok that old :slight_smile: still, if it works :slight_smile:

I love C!!!