write error trying to render but another active render is rendering

It wont write it out in mov, avi, mp4, png, and others. just keeps saying that error but i have no other write nodes or natrons open?

Hi, you should give more information about this issue (for example, which OS are you running, how you installed Natron, and give a simple project graph to replicate the issue)

Windows? could a previous instance still be running? Check in task manager.

yea, I shut down all other programs to try and narrow it down.

sorry, i am running windows 10 on a amd 5600 and gtx3080. i installed just updated and installed the newest version of natron yesterday. its installed on my c drive 1TB through github. i had a simple 480 frame image sequence of exr. it would only let me render exr’s. i have ACES and i have the setting default. its just the one read file and the write file and it wont let me render anything else out.