Write Metadata to Files Erases Altitude

64-bit Windows 7
digiKam 7.10.0

I just noticed, when I do Item > Write Metadata to Selected Files, it wipes the Altitude field.

Cause of the problem is found and fixed in the 24-March Weekly Snapshot version of 8.0.0.

None of the common programs that have the capability of writing GPS into images have the option to also write the Above/Below Sea Level field; I am sure ExifTool can write it, but I didn’t know it was required.

If that Sea Level field is left blank, digiKam ignores the Altitude that is there and writes it as Zero (0).

Thanks to M.Q., the digiKam Bug Fixer guy, future versions of digiKam will assume Above Sea Level if that field is empty.

Thanks and much appreciated for getting this sorted.

A big Thank You to Maik Qualmann and crew for taking the time and effort to find the problem and employ a fix; their efforts are much appreciated.