write response curve from command line

Is there an option to write a Response Curve Output file via the command line? I was hoping the --hdrCurveFilename arg would WRITE the file if it doesnt exists (in combination with robertson) but it doesnt seem to work that way.
I have a few image sets that I would like to create responses from, then average them together.

Seems saving it from the command line is currently not possible, as the response curve output filename is set only when using the UI:

I opened an issue about the ambiguous CLI option:

As a workaround, if you want to create the camera response curve file via CLI, hardcode the path like so:

diff --git a/src/HdrWizard/HdrCreationManager.cpp b/src/HdrWizard/HdrCreationManager.cpp
index 5b2789ec..a5d2f1d8 100644
--- a/src/HdrWizard/HdrCreationManager.cpp
+++ b/src/HdrWizard/HdrCreationManager.cpp
@@ -385,6 +385,7 @@ pfs::Frame *HdrCreationManager::createHdr() {
     pfs::Frame *outputFrame(
         fusionOperatorPtr->computeFusion(*m_response, *m_weight, frames));
+    setResponseCurveOutputFile("/tmp/crc.m");
     if (!m_responseCurveOutputFilename.isEmpty()) {

ah, ok. I guess hardcoding will do the trick for now, thank you! Good to know that there already is an issue open for this too.