Writing the same metadata to multiple images (Digikam?)


I am trying to write the same meta data to multiple images (wuthout doing it manually!) I was hoping to do that with Digikam but can’t work out how to.

Any help appreciated!



The easiest way is probably exiv2 or exiftool scripts!

The reason I don’t use digiKam regularly is because it does not have the option to copy-paste/edit metadata on multiple image files at the same time. Need to use other software for this, for example: jExifToolGUI, which slows my workflow.

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As I’m sure you know, digiKam is FOSS software. As such, you can ask the development team to implement what you want; you will want to make a good case for your request and present it respectfully, because volunteer developers have no obligation to develop what you wish for.

The digiKam FAQ mention a bugs and wishes list.

I did the following quick search there and found that there are numerous bugs/wishes related to EXIF data:

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Depends on which metadata you want to copy.

For title, caption and tags at least there is a method (*):

  • if none of these metadata are entered yet, select all files that need the same metadata, and add them; all images will receive the values;
  • if all or some of the metadata are already present in one image, select the other images that need to get the same metadata, then add the image that has those (partial) data to the selection, and edit all the fields concerned (in the case of e.g. captions, adding and removing a space counts as editing); finally apply the metadata, they will be copied to all selected images.

It’s not a copy/paste operation, but it works. Also, only fields that have been edited will be updated on the selected files.

(*: personally, I stay away from changing any other metadata, except geolocation data)