Wrong FITS handling

After knowing about all the features that will appear in the future via Twitter, I’ve been experimenting with the Win64 nightlies (a lot of welcomed changes are in kitcken at this time!) and I’ve discover some problem with FITS handling.

I’m using a OSC camera to take some spectra. After that,I use the HSL channel separation tool to extract the L channel and use it on BASS Project software.

But when I reload the L channel on SiriL, for example for cropping and rotating (Thanks for that!) I see that it’s identified as a RGB image, but on the header it shows only 2 axis. So… I’m confused right now

and this is the extracted L channel

L.zip (2.0 MB)


Hello @rbarbera .

Just tried with an image and cannot reproduce.
I open a RGB image.
I extract H S and L channels
I open L one

This latter is a one-channel image on my side.

That was my results also on macOS (with an older nightly). But on win64 builds I’m experiencing this odd behaviour since two or three weeks ago (before that I’ve not tried the win64 version)

@lock042 are you using windows? if so, can you open the attached file and confirm me that you see it as a one-channel image?

No windows here (Linux, so ping @cissou8 ), and if I open your image I see a one-channel image in Siril.

Yes, same here on macOS. It seems a problem specific on windows builds

Hi @rbarbera ,

Can’t test right now from my phone. But beware, the Open Debayered tick box in the Open Dialog is now persistant even after you’ve closed/repoened Siril. Can you just check on your end that it is unticked before you open?
If that’s not the root cause, I’ll investigate tonight.




@cissou8 You nailed it!. Wow, I’ve never seen / used this tick box. It’s very dangerous to have it persistent it can introduce unwanted events in more advanced workflows that mixes RGB and mono images. Anyway, mystery solved. Thanks a lot!

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It was unwanted and removed in master.

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