Wrong version number at Debian Testing build (Opensuse)

(Jens Steinbeisser) #1


I updated my 5.4 version with the Debian Testing version of Opensuse. Everything looks good and works, only it’s still 5.4 in the header, although it’s definitely the 5.5 version.
Compilation or update error?

Many thanks for the excellent new version.

Best regards

(Ulrich) #2

Same here on Debian 9.0 (stretch). It shows 5.4 in the header and in “about”, but the new soft light and haze removal tools (among others) are available.


(Robert Stephan) #3

I testing there is 5.5 with the right Headline. Why dont play a little with pinning and try some packages from Testing?

(Jens Steinbeisser) #4

I’m on Debian Testing, and there is 5.4 in the header, in “About” there is a mixture 5.5 splash and 5.4 in version tab.


(Jens Steinbeisser) #5

The original Debian Version (Testing / Buster) works without any problems and shows the right version 5.5.
It seems to be a problem with compiling and packaging in the Opensuse build service version.


(Mica) #6

@darix is the maintainer of the OBS packages. :slight_smile:

Edit: not @darix, sorry!

(Morgan Hardwood) #7

@Jens RawTherapee’s Download page, openSUSE section:

This repository is kindly run by Marcin Bajor, and all questions should be directed to him.

(darix) #8

This is RT not DT :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mica) #9

I guess this is the problem with reading every thread, sometimes it gets confusing! :slight_smile:

(Marcin Bajor) #10

@Jens @ulrich @RobertS
Thanks for reporting the issue. I’ve fixed it.
Packages for Debian 9.0 have already been built. Unfortunately due to some dependency problems, build for Debian Testing can not be started. This is OBS issue and we have to wait for fix.

(Ulrich) #11

Thank you for fixing! Just did an aptitude update and everything is fine now on Debian 9.0 stretch.

(Marcin Bajor) #12

@Jens @RobertS OBS issue fixed. Packages for Debian Testing are ready.

(Jens Steinbeisser) #13

Thanks for fixing. Everything is fine now.