Yellow and blue make green

A thread on PentaxForums inspired me to look at my old Powershot Pro 1 archive with different eyes. However, different eyes? Compared even to my first Pentax DSLR the K110D, the Pro 1 images disappoint. But then I though to get a bit more creative. Here’s an image I shot in 2007 (!!) when on vacation in Cyprus. Even though it is just some laundry hanging out of some ugly holiday appartment buildings, I like the simple almost abstract feel. Darktable came in very handy to convert the old Canon CRW file (so much for people insisting proprietary raw formats are insufficient as archive format) and use the automatic keystone correction. I then used GMIC’s content-aware resize/restore filter followed by GMIC’s sketch filter. I’m kind of chuffed with the result. Happy to hear your opinions.


Looks nice, its very calming.

I always tell my students to never delete their raw files because both the software and their skills will improve over the years and the decades. I started my digital image editing when photoshop came on a 3 1/2 inch floppy. Some of you may have to google what that is. Now I have FOSS like Darktable that just blows my mind.

BTW, you image is interesting. If it was a playraw I would have fun with it. Simple but effective composition. It feel cartoonish in a good way.