Yellow badges are back

Read an interesting article today. Thoughts?

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Yes, it is frustrating and frightening what narrow-minded governments can push through.
Nevertheless, I would not have made the comparison with Nazis and Jews. One runs the risk of trivializing the Shoah.

Yes, he wrote

In this article, I don’t want to compare GitHub with Nazis.

Did so anyway.

The recent calling people “Nazis” fad is a bit out of hand. I don’t agree with blocking people on github/lab, but this article is too hand-wavy.

This is why its important to have a free software option, so you could spin up your own hosted service and carry on.

This is absolutely a silly and nasty comparision. The original yellow star was the German state marking a part of the German population as outcasts - and that ended in the Shoah.
The problem here is a private company following orders from the US government and excluding a group of people from their service. It’s not nice, it is unfair, dumb and executed clumsily. But no violation of human rights.

The right question would be “Why is this stuff on such vulnerable servers? Why not o a distributed network all over the world?”


I normally don’t read Medium articles. Often unnecessarily provocative but that is the world we live in.