yet another sunset over the lake...

Not a particularly original picture, but I think it’s not bad for a 175 Euros camera that can also surf the web and make phone calls. Sometimes the default JPG processing is a bit too much, but the raw files give you a lot of latitude. What do you think?

IMG_20200613_205330.dng.arp (24.1 KB)
IMG_20200613_205330.dng (9.1 MB)

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Nice scene! And technically not too bad for a universal purpose camera :laughing:

IMG_20200613_205330_RT.jpg.out.pp3 (13.5 KB)

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Had a hard time in trying to apply a parametric mask in darktable to the exposure module, and gave up in the end due to too many color artifacts. It’s been a while since I’ve used parametric masks so I believe the new linear workflow requires relearning masks.

IMG_20200613_205330.dng.xmp (17.7 KB)


IMG_20200613_205330.dng.xmp (7.9 KB) IMG_20200613_205330_01.dng.xmp (8.4 KB)


IMG_20200613_205330.dng.xmp (9.1 KB)


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dt310.yet.another.sunset.pixel.2.xmp (30.0 KB) darktable 3.1.0

Thanks for sharing!


My try.

IMG_20200613_205330.dng.xmp (16.3 KB)


Nice scene!

IMG_20200613_205330.dng.xmp (42.9 KB)

I like to process with details in the shadows. There was a lot of noise in there, but not unusable. Could have pushed denoise a lot more too, but I don’t need perfect smoothness - am happy if it can somewhat resemble film grain.

Edit: What causes the scratchy artefacts seen in fine details, like the grass to the left of the ducks?

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Gloomy. I like it.

Nice shot @agriggio. May be you can add Mobile Photography Category in addition to the Play Raw. Here is an attempt using RT 5.8
IMG_20200613_205330.jpg.out.pp3 (12.3 KB)

Very nice picture, thanks for sharing. DT 3.0.2

sidecar file : IMG_20200613_205330_01.dng.xmp (8.4 KB)

RT 5.8

If you didn’t tell us, I probably wouldn’t notice it has been snapped with a mobile phone :blush:

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IMG_20200613_205330_cc.pfi (60.6 KB)

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that’s my feeling too. This phone is so good that it could easily be the only camera I need. It certainly helps that I’m not a pixel peeper, and for sure when I have the camera with me I much prefer using that, but unless I’m specifically planning to take pictures, I feel no need to carry the camera with me anymore…
Here’s another example:

Are there differences? Yes, definitely. But are they significant for this kind of shots? Not for me, especially when downsized for web view and/or small prints. But you need to shoot raw, the jpg output of the phone is really terrible at times…

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My take on this one… very nice sunset!

Used Photoflow as usual.

IMG_20200613_205330.jpg.pfi (45.2 KB)


I like this so much you inspired me to make mine better. The answer? Retain some sky drama by applying a gradient mask to filmic! (And some extra sharpening) I might have to get photoflow to see how yours was done.

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This is what tags are for. We probably need less categories, not more :slight_smile:

My bad. I meant tag. Not category!

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dt 3