You can now preorder my street photography photobook. INSTEAD OF A THOUSAND WORDS

Designed in Scribus, with photos all edited and processed in RawTherapee and Gimp, all running on Arch Linux.

God willing my photo book will see the light of day very soon. It’s an improved version of the book I’m talking about here.

Some of the images in there didn’t make it in this version, while others that weren’t in it were added. So take a peek at the video to get an idea about what it’s all about.

100 pages of black and white photography, printed on 160g/m² Canon paper.

It’s released as an intentionally limited series of 33 copies. They will be available for shipping come late spring, barring any unforeseen circumstances and pricing will be as follows: the first 11 copies will cost €15 (6 copies still available at this price), the following 11 copies will cost €20, while the last 11 will cost €25. Will post worldwide, but the shipping cost is not included.

In order to preorder and reserve a copy I will require payment in full and in advance either via paypal, or bank transfer in my account. Just write to me privately to see what works best.

More information to follow as it becomes available.


That’s great news, @zerosapte! Congratulations!

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Thank you.

What is shipping to the USA looking like?

Sadly, more than the book itself.
I think it was around €25-30 last I checked.

Oh, nice. Great to read you got yourself published!

I surely wouldn’t mind owning a copy of that book. I’ll PM you to iron out the details and make this happen.

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Thank you!