YouTube tutorial channel for darktable.

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Recently found this channel.

I’ve just watched this episode, in which he goes through the new features in 2.6 very thoroughly.

Edit. I should add although he mentions the filmic and retouch modules, he doesn’t go into them in depth because his next two videos will feature the two modules in depth.


Yes it is a very good resource.

My advice is to also check HPBirkeland Dartable Insights at

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You can also check Rico’s Story:

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Hello paperdigits,

Thank you for mentioning my channel! It’s the reason I’ve created this account. I didn’t know that I was getting recognition outside of YouTube :)! I appreciate it a lot. If there’s anything you guys would like for me to address, I’d love to hear it so that I can see what I can do!




After knowing the the menu and the functions I like to see how it’s applied on photos. I mean the aim is the final image. It’s good to have the right tools, but then what…? Harry Durkin has some good dt videos:

But actually, at some point you don’t need darktable videos, you can watch Photoshop, Affinity or whatever and just do the same steps in DT.

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Hey @TheStoryOfRico, I’m happy you’re contributing something of value to the community. Thank you for your efforts!

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Just want to make it known Bruce has changed the name of his channel.

(R) #8

Yeah, I love that he did that! Suits his channel better!

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Shane Milton’s channel