Zoom and Pan 2 similar images (always syncronized together side by side)

Hello everyone,

I am wondering whether is it possible to pan and zoom 2 or more similar images (size) together, with Darktable?

In essence, when you zoom into one image the other similar image (as size) is also zoomed. The same applies to the pan, when you have zoomed into an image and you pan into it the other image similar image this is panned too.
Needless to say, both images have the same size and represent the same shot (albeit with different sharpness - exposure…)

At work I use this method to compare two similar images (e.g. to delete the worst).
Another use for this option is to compare, side by side, the jpeg and raw of the same shot…

With Digikam this option is already available. However, with RAWs, you visualize their jpeg thumbnails…
This feature has been added recently by Alberto Griggio in the 1.3 version of ART.
Same option is available in G’mic from the 2.9 version onwards.

This option is available in all RAW commercial converters.
E.g. with Capture one PRO (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQIYcJbycyM)

darktable 3 has a mode in lighttable called “culling”, which is what you are looking for I guess.

Hello @pk5dark

Thanks a lot for your reply! :slight_smile:

Just tried you suggestion and it works extremely fine: tested with 4 RAWs images together:

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