Zoom Discussion about the future of Exiv2 2021-02-27 17:00 UTC

Please join us on Zoom to discuss the following two questions:

  1. Should Exiv2 join OIN? Joining the Open Invention Network (OIN) · Issue #1447 · Exiv2/exiv2 · GitHub .
  2. Exiv2 after v0.27.4 Exiv2 RoadMap · Issue #1018 · Exiv2/exiv2 · GitHub

Zoom meeting details:
Topic: Future of Exiv2
Time: Feb 27, 2021 06:00 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna
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Meeting ID: 873 8880 2811
Passcode: S0qPG1


Slides for the meeting.

Future of Exiv2.pdf (489.0 KB)


Meeting notes of 2021-02-27


  • Robin Mills
  • Volker Griels-Grabsch
  • Luis Diaz
  • Christoph Hasse
  • Peter Kovar
  • Alexander Esseling
  • Thomas Beutlich

Join OIN (open invention network)?

  • Joining OIN is being suspended in the short-term
  • Decision to evaluate joining the KDE project
  • Benefits: KDE is already part of the open invention network
  • KDE project might bring new contributor and/or maintainer to the project

Exiv2 after v0.27.4?

  • No new maintainer has volunteered.
  • We agreed to simplify the branch structure and “modernise” the code (C++20 support)
  • Current master branch v0.28 will be labeled as old-master and frozen.
  • 0.27-maintenance will be frozen.
  • We’ll branch 0.27-maintenance to ‘main’ and make it the default branch.
  • Luis will port Unique pointer code from old-master to main.
  • Robin will release v0.28 from ‘main’ in the Fall.

There is no active plant for development of Exiv2 beyond 2021.

We hope to have a week-end retreat in Germany in the Fall to celebrate our achievements.

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