Zooming images digiKam or else

Yesterday I had a meeting with an employer/photographer and I carried with me my linux laptop to show him my work.

I tried using the default image viewer of Tumbleweed which took quite a lot to load all of the images in the directory on my external HDD drive. Switched to digiKam for the same matter but I could not find a way to zoom in my images. Looked in https://www.digikam.org/about/features/ today to see if I was missing something but the only zoom description it is there is that in image editing.

Is there a way to zoom in on the default view in digiKam on the images?

If not is there another Linux viewer that you could suggest?

And finally if not, is there a schedule for image zooming in the default view of digiKam?

Thank you

Hello, using the Digikam 7.9.0 AppImage here, Ctrl++ (=Ctrl and +) and Ctrl and minus does the zooming for me.

Try the image viewers Geeqie and gThumb as well.

There are several ways that you can zoom.

Ctrl +/Ctrl -

Ctrl [scroll wheel]

Various controls in the lower right corner:

… works perfectly well with Ctrl+[scroll wheel]

This is the case: under pressure shit happens.

I did tried that while showing my work and while on Preview module and it did not work at that time. Sorry for the fuss.

As well as the key combos mentioned, CTRL+ the mouse wheel will zoom as well.