10 new OpenFX effect plugins for Natron

10 new OpenFX-plugins on 10xfx.com
tested on Natron for linux/windows/mac
free (watermarked) versions available for download
[ video source: “Big Buck Bunny”
(© copyright 2008, Blender Foundation / www.bigbuckbunny.org) ]

…enjoy :slight_smile:

Can you like us to the download page? What is the license of these plugins?

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oops, sry, there was something wrong with the link above (should point to site not to image) - fixed it…
the watermarked versions can be freely downloaded/used, for unwatermarked version you can simply buy a license on site

Then this topic is simply ad…


@flockaroo, First of all, welcome to the PIXLS.US Community and thanks for taking interest in this software, you even wrote OFX plugin for Natron.

But, please note that PIXLS.US is a free/open source photography site and it is better to not post something that is connected with shareware.
Secondly, in my personal opinion you are putting too high price for these effects, (516.7$ for these effects), whereas most of these effects can be achieved without purchasing it using Natron’s own effects.

For example, take a look at this:

(taken from there: [PlayRaw] Bee in the park - #2 by sls141)

I can simulate something that is close to your effects by using some nodes:

GMIC->Contours->Edges + Color->Grade:

Other effects, I think also can be simulated using free nodes, because they look pretty simple.
What I want to say is that if your effects are simple do not put too much price, because people never buy it.

Bonus: Community->Filter->fxt_Glowy:



It’s related to Natron so that should be good enough IMHO. I see no problem in discussing and/or showcasing any OpenFX plugins (regardless of license) that are compatible with Natron. Of course it should not be a strait-up advertisement (I’m not saying that this topic is that).