366/2024 photo project

I try to take a photo every day of the year. I will post one picture from each day under this topic every now and then. All images go through darktable, but I may also use commercial software (Canon NNIP, Helicon Focus) to edit these images. I hope this is ok, if not, this topic can be deleted. :slight_smile:

I would like to hear comments and especially criticism about the photos, so that I can become better at taking and processing photos.

I might remove distracting elements from the images and use some special methods to get the final result. For example, a winter landscape picture with a moon is formed with hugin from 5 pictures, where the focus of the bottom picture has been moved closer. The last picture is a focus stack of two pictures formed with Helicon focus.


2.1.2024 - Self portrait








I really like 6.1.2024…quite unique.

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This is such a cool project. And great images too.
Looking forward to more!

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it was a cold and beautiful day when I took that picture of the icy rapids. I think I succeeded quite well in capturing that coldness (about -20 degrees Celsius).


For me, this project is a bit like a substitute for a dog. A good reason to go outside every day with a camera and try to learn something new. And if I’m too tired, then I can go to my home studio and take a picture of an object found at home. :slight_smile:

12.1.2024 - Jupiter






17.1.2024 - Testing how to make image from a video. This is stacked from 100. Need more practice with this.

18.1.2024 - This one is taken with over 10 years old Nokia phone (Nokia 808 Pure View) in home studio. Camera and lens was used to create that earlier moon image. Phone flash was used to fire studio flash.


20.1.2024 - Local photography club organized a studio photography course.



Love the squirrel photo particularly! And impressive result from the old phone.

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Same, squirrel first and snowy stroll 2nd.
What software did you use for the exposure fusion on the moon image ? Is that hugin ? Is there a tutorial somewhere ? I’m quite interested.

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Thank you! The picture taken from the squirrel was very easy to take. I was just going to check if the bird feeding point had still nuts and this orange little buddy with his awesome tail ate the nuts so focused, that it didn’t notice me at all.

My gaming/photo editing computer is running Windows, so I used some freeware software to create this. First I took a few minutes of 8k video of the moon, after which I threw a video on a PIPP program that went through it, bordered the moon in the middle and exported images in tiff format. PIPP seems to gone offline, so don’t know where to download it currently.

Next, I threw the best 500 pictures to AutoStakkert, which I let chose the top 100 pictures and made a stack of them. Finally, opening the picture to darktable and did some fine tuning. Seeing was pretty bad in the city’s light pollution for this job.

I googled some tutorials for this and now I don’t remember which one I did use. This one is quite similar to what I used.

22.1.2024 - Snowman in the park


Ok I’d see ffmpeg and align_image_stack from hugin/panotools performing these tasks without too much user intervention.
I’m sure enfuse could do the exposure fusion, but I’d have to do research about it.

Yeah, I guess it saves you some time on the gaming aspect … I’ve been using exclusively GNU/linux since like 2004 and just now with Steam (plus the work they done on proton) and launchers like lutris, gaming on linux starts to be “simple”


I think that those freeware tools I used are doing much more than just aligning and stacking for moon/planet images.

Some years ago I purchased VR-headset which keeps me locked in Windows. During covid-19 lockdowns flying with VR-headset on in MS Flight Simulator was good escape from reality for me.


23.1.2024 - Canon stereo lens and R8 in home studio.

24.1.2024 - Lahti

25.1.2024 - Colors

26.1.2024 - Moon and Sibelius Hall

27.1.2024 - Swamp

28.1.2024 - Candidates


Thanks for our regular treat of inspiration.

26.1.2024 - love the alignment of the moon with the ?chimney?
27.1.2024 - the one tree trunk curved link a bow is a magnet for the eye
28.1.2024 - a row of trees, a row of candidates; is there a message of homogenity going on?

06.01.2024: I really like this one. Have you tried cropping it a bit tighter (16:9 works well) to remove the patch of open water in the foreground? How about a high contrast black and white edit?

You’re welcome, and thank you for you kind words.

26.1. I had to wait about 15min that moon got right over the chimney. I should have taken two images, one with longer time and create composite/HDR. Now I had to rise shadows about 5ev to get some details there and it is still bit too dark for my liking.

27.1. No message here, at least not about homogenity :slight_smile: These are our presidential candidates and I just had to get this photo for the project. There is one from very left (2), one left (6), one center (3), few from center right or right (4, 7, 8, 10), one from religious right (9) and one far right fascist (5). Candidates 8 and 10 got most votes in first round of election. In few weeks we will vote which one of them will be our next president.

I thought about cropping it but decided to keep it in original format for some reason. I agree that getting rid of that foreground would make it better. High contrast black and white is interesting idea. Maybe I just throw one sister image from the same place in play raw and those who are interested can play with it. Currently I like too much taking these pictures and don’t want to use too much time on computer. At start I was hoping to use also more time for editing these, but almost all of these are very quick edits, so I might just focus this year on taking pictures and create better versions from best ones in the next year. Yeah, I know, as if that would ever happen :stuck_out_tongue:




Nice shots! 6.1.2024 and the squirrel are great.

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Thank you!

31.1.2024 - New Jari Litmanen?

1.2.2024 - Slippery streets

2.2.2024 - Luhta

3.2.2024 - Lutakko Rock Club

4.2.2024 - Willow tit







5.2 is really nice. Had to look at it for a minute

I love the ones of the icy street and the little bird!