A restart is simply shutting RT down and starting it again, right?

Probably a lame question but I’m fooling around with CLUTs and created a folder in my home directory called Luts. I downloaded some zip files from here and extracted to that folder. I pointed the haldCLUT directory to the Luts folder and then shut RT down and restarted. When I open the Film Simulation tab there’s no pull down. I’m new with Linux Mint and used the GUI file folder to create the Luts folder.

Where did I go wrong?

The gmic luts are compressed in a way that RT doesn’t understand, I assume.

in the settings?

I extracted them from the zip file to the folder and other folks in that thread I referenced are using them. Could it be a Linux thing?

Cannot reproduce. Downloaded the file, unzipped it, pointed RT to that directory, restarted RT. Now if I click the drop box in Film Simulation I can see the 2 tif files created after unzipping. I also use Linux, but a different distro - Fedora 39.

Hmmm, when I extract I get 6 text files. I also moved the files after extraction to the Luts folder.

Maybe I’ll try it again

Thanks for checking.

Well that made no difference. I extracted and pointed RT to the extracted folder.

edit: I’m just trying these out on a jpg file and not on a raw or tif file. That wouldn’t keep the drop down blank would it?

Which file exactly do you try? Sounds like you are downloading the MEAS-DeepSkintones-CUBE-3DL-CSP.zip? I think these formats won’t work with RT. But in the MEAS_DeepSkintones.zip from the first post of the topic you get 2 tifs which should work.

Now we’re getting somewhere. I have the two tif files now in the pull down. I’ll try on a tif image I guess.

I have much to learn.

Many thanks.

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