A Stump in the Forest

I have recently been working in a dark old growth rain-forest and in particular focusing on the old rotting stumps. The attached raw is such an image. I would like to see how others work this kind of scene so I have not, in this first instance, shared my view. When I see a couple of responses I will post my take.20210103_0019.RAF (48.2 MB)
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stump.in.forest.pp3 (22.7 KB) RawTherapee 5.8-2773-g41ede9ea3


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The various parts of the stump reminds me of skyscrapers. :city_sunrise:

Thanks for posting, red wood color to tune correctly
DT 3.4.0
20210103_0019_1980_cf_01 20210103_0019_01.RAF.xmp (19.4 KB)

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OK … so here is my version which is based on a series that I am making of these forest Gems. I think photography should a creative pursuit rather than a fruitless exercise in trying to emulate Nature.20210103_0019.RAF.xmp (16.3 KB)


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@davidvj: Here’s an artist interpretation from an alien world.

stump.in.forest.alien.pp3 (27.5 KB)



I may have fallen well short of the director’s vision here, but tried to take the cues on board and pushed this much further than I normally would…

20210103_0019.RAF.xmp (31.5 KB)

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The predator’s heat vision

Wow, what a majestic stump ! the framing and angle really does it justice :slight_smile:

This said i find this picture is really hard to edit :

  • the contrast between the ambient shade and the harsh background light is tough to temper
  • the overload of textures (from the barks and the pine needles on the floor) is distracting and kind of confusing.

That’s why I’d be glad to see many more edits as well :smiley:

20210103_0019.RAF.xmp (26.7 KB)


This PlayRaw also reminds me of Spaniel, king of tree stumps! The difference between the two habitats!

dt 3.4

20210103_0019.RAF.xmp (8.8 KB)

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Thanks for the other visions of this stump. I was trying to show this object pushing its way out of the blackened earth … and glowing with the heat.
It was fun … thanks all