Advice on online backup choices

I need to get serious about data and storage and archiving and am hoping the group could pass on some advice on the best online storage options. I’m currently on a Windows 10 machine and need a decent offline data archive. My biggest issue with backup programs is that they tend to take over and slow down my computer, particularly darktable and Rawtherapee.

I’ve heard some good things about Backblaze and it seems to be a good value with unlimited storage at $7.99/month, and I’m sure there are others, but I don’t know what kind of performance overhead they create and if that can be managed. Ideally I’d like something that will run backups at late night and be inactive during during the day.

Looking forward to hearing from this esteemed group!

you dont need to run your backup software all the time. make it a daily job or something.
also consider backup software like restic or borg so your backup is encrypted.

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I use Backblaze, though not the option you mention; rather, I use duplicati to provide encrypted backups with Backblaze providing storage only. You can read about it here: Overview of Duplicati Backups to Cloud Storage

I run two backup jobs:

  • home directories: locally, this is about 240´000 files consuming 19 GB; the remote backup comprises 6035 files amounts to 137 GB (since backed-up files are versioned, it’s possible to recover any version in the history – I should look into this, probably I’m storing way to many old versions now). From my last backup:

    Duration of backup: 00:20:20
    Remote files: 6035
    Remote size: 137.69 GB
    Files added: 7350
    Files deleted: 2886
    Files changed: 6341
    Data uploaded: 2.44 GB
    Data downloaded: 66.90 MB

  • My main storage (including photos): close to 200´000 files and 800 GB locally:

    Duration of backup: 00:26:35
    Remote files: 46610
    Remote size: 1.11 TB
    Files added: 485
    Files deleted: 0
    Files changed: 21
    Data uploaded: 1.66 GB
    Data downloaded: 71.55 MB

Last month I paid $6.95.

I’m starting to use Scaleway’s C14 storage, which is like Amazon Glacier. Its 0.002/euro cents per gig.

Edit: I’m using restic to backup my stuff.

From what I’ve read, glacier could be costly if you want to recover from a total hard drive crash. Is C14 billed the same way?

No. When you want to get your data from C14, you promote it back to their S3-style storage and retrieve it, so you’re paying the cost for their S3 storage/transfer.

I run borg-backup against a Hetzner storage box. 500 Gb for €6 per month, client-side encrypted.

I’m using Backblaze B2 with a scheduled backup of my data files nightly. I use a client called BlobBU which is now opensource, and I’m on a Linux system.

You could go with the Windows client offered by Backblaze. I believe that duplicate versions of files over 30 days old are removed automatically, so you might want to take that under consideration.

Thanks everyone for the information. Now I have some options to look at!

@darix, when using the Windows backup program (admittedly, probably not the best), while I did have the actual backup running nightly the program seemed to bog down my computer while it was keeping track of changes. It pretty much took my photo editing software to a standstill.

@Marcsitkin, thanks. I’m not too concerned with duplicate file versions. I use revision numbers for the prior versions that I want to keep, so I don’t think that would be a limitation for me.