After Darktable 3.6.1, Panasonic GX80 files get a magenta cast (regression?)

Between darktable 3.6.0 and 3.6.1 something has happened to how Panasonic GX80 raw files are prepared.

First: 3.6.0 and second, 3.6.1.

P1070475.RW2 (18.8 MB)

Trigger warning: I use the old display-referred workflow: basecurve with “preserve colors: NONE” set as default for all files.

The XMP files, generated by my settings, differ in {{rawprepare}} params, nothing else.


Yes, see Panasonic G9 and Darkable issues (White Balance, colours are off)


Now that I went back to the 3.6.0 and made these comparative files and now came back to 3.6.1 to my pleasant surprise it’s indeed the rawprepare params that I need to correct and I get the old behavior back.

Old raw black levels that worked were 143, the new version defaults to 128, resulting in said cast.

Wonderful news. :slight_smile: