ancetre fiat 500

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y a t il moyen de developpe la fiat 500 comme sur la photo
IMG_7163.CR2 (26.9 MB)


Ciao Angelo, and welcome!

You mean something like this — or simply more oompf
in the Fiat?

Please excuse sloppy masking :slight_smile:

Have fun!
Claes a Lund, Svezia


Lovely old car! My play in GIMP. I have tried to bring out the reflections in the paintwork.

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Don’t know, but it seems to me, the OP wants something more drastic

are we going in the right direction? :thinking::smile:

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Wait! I wanted the picture of the tractor.

Nevertheless, the photo of the automobile is excellent. dt 4.4.2

IMG_7163.CR2.xmp (8.0 KB)


My version…

IMG_7163.CR2.xmp (24.7 KB)


An edit with darktable + a custom curve+color-shift.

IMG_7163.CR2.xmp (13.7 KB)


y a t il moyen d avoir l ambiance de la photo du tracteur (couleur)

Looks like a bit of HDR (typically Luminance HDR if you use FOSS). There are also several techniques to get pseudo-HDR with Gimp.

But while on the tractor picture the rest of the picture is fine so you can go HDR on the whole picture, in your won picture the surroundings are not that good and using HDR on them will make them stand out more. So to make a nice picture from this you have to cut out the car and either:

  • transplant it on a completely different background, but if this one is also HDR everything has to match perfectly (color balance, light direction/shadows)
  • keep it on the same background, but reduce its visibility with selective blur/desaturation/colorization, which is what I did in a very similar case.
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Moi, je n’y arrive pas.
another version… maybe this one is a little closer.

IMG_7163.CR2.xmp (27.5 KB)



fiat 500_IMG_7163.CR2.xmp (13.9 KB)


With RT 5.9
LUT “CrispWarm” from CreativePack-1 required

20230802_IMG_7163_RT-2.jpg.out.pp3 (22,6 KB)

With DT 4.4.2
LUT “CrispWarm” from CreativePack-1 required

20230802_IMG_7163_03.CR2.xmp (13,7 KB)



Hi Angelo!
My attempt. It’s a bit hard to match as it is a rather different kind of shot. But I tried!
I assume you know, but you can load any of our .xmp files into darktable to see what we did, using this button:

Bonjour Angelo !
J’ai essayé. C’est un peu difficile à faire correspondre, car c’est un type de photo assez différent. Mais j’ai essayé !
Je suppose que vous le savez, mais vous pouvez charger n’importe lequel de nos fichiers .xmp dans darktable pour voir ce que nous avons fait, en utilisant ce bouton :

traduit avec DeepL


IMG_7163.CR2.xmp (13.4 KB)

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Photo: CC-BY-SA XMP: public
Lots of everything :smiley: - Fun, full on local contrast (and decompression in tone eq, top left → bottom right), lots of grain, orange-teal coloring galore, lots ot vignette (using exposure module) …

IMG_7163.CR2.xmp (17.0 KB)

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Used color mapping

IMG_7163.CR2.xmp (18.1 KB)

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IMG_7163.CR2.xmp (17.1 KB)

IMG_7163.CR2.xmp (9.7 KB)

Tone Curve → Local Contrast → Monochrome.

(DT 4.4.2)

As suggested by Ofnuts, my Fun with GIMP


The Fiat is taking off… Many problems here:

  • Lighting mismatch: the red car is lit from slightly back, slightly right while the fiat is lit from slightly front, slightly left.
  • Color mismatch: likely very hard to fix because the target picture has been heavily processed (so it"s not just a color temperature problem, probably also a brightness/contrast or even HDR one)
  • Perspective mismatch: the red car is shot slightly from above with a camera pointing slightly down, when the Fiat has been shot at hood’s height, with a camera shooting horizontally.
  • The Fiat wheels have no shadow. If you want something to look settled on the ground it has to have a little shadow where it touches the ground. That one is not that hard to fake…
  • The ground under the Fiat looks lit from an electric heater under the car. Again, not hard to darken the whole thing significantly (see the other car).

As a rule, the chances that you can transplant a random picture into another random picture are very small, and many examples you see on the web use very carefully selected images or even images taken for that purpose.

A counter example is bunch of group pictures I took recently. No picture where everyone was looking at the camera with an acceptable smile, but since all the pictures where taken in a few minutes, lighting and perspective was the same on all and it was very easy transplant heads to make a group picture with everyone looking good.

As I wrote this is just my fun with GIMP

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