Another 3-click processing in RT

Here’s an example of a 3-click-processing in RT.

Screenshots are at 100% view and should be looked full size.

First with RT neutral profile:

Now I enabled just one additional RT tool without changing any adjusters:

And some sharpening, again just enabled a tool without changing any adjusters:


My guess: the first tool is auto levels and the second is RL sharpening.

I wish my neutral raws looked like that.

Second tool is Capture Sharpening (which is RL sharpening, but just after demosaic, not at the end of the processing as the current RL sharpening in RT release)

First is not auto levels.

I’ll say that capture sharpening looks great, I can’t wait to try it out.

Just try a nightly build.

Yep – what I’m lacking right now is time, but I’ll give it a shot soon.

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Is the first tool an auto-matched tone curve?


Then it must be a mind-reading tool, present only in Ingo’s personal branch, that auto-matches to the user’s personal vision for that photograph. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it’s in dev since quite a while (RT 5.6 at least)

Edit: Though I have to admit, I detected its usability for other cases than its name suggests just some days ago…

Just look at my latest speedup-pr and you will know which tool it is.

Haha, good one! That was unexpected. I know what it is, I’ll let people try to figure out it.


Haze removal?

Edit: I just saw ingo’s comment, went to PR page and yes I was right :blush:
In fact I’ve discovered it’s sort contrast boosting capabilities also and started to use it for some images without any haze.


If you like haze removal, here’s one from ART (which should be easy to port back to RT) that improves its range of applications imho:


I already used it in ART. Using luminance mode too.:+1:t2:

Haze removal is indeed a multi-purpose tool :+1:

In your screenshot I can see “Film Grain” - sounds interesting too!

Done. It’s now in RT dehaze_speedup branch. Thanks to @agriggio :+1:


In another thread there has been much discussion about making RT more friendly to new users. While I am not a new user, I often have difficulty in understanding some of the references in this forum; please forgive my ignorance:

Why would you name a tool “Capture Sharpening” if it is implemented at the end of the processing chain. The name itself suggests it should be applied at the beginning.

Where do I find Nightly Builds?

And where your speedup-pr? Among nightly builds??

What is ART?

Again my apologies for being so dense.

P.S. Regarding the utility of this forum: In the thread “Local Lab Build” there are 810 replies in this thread. I am sure there is a wealth of useful information buried therein. Surely there must be a way to break this down to a more useable source.

The capture sharpening tool in RT is applied just after demosaic, which is very early, not at the end of the processing chain. I guess you confuse it with the old RL-sharpening, which indeed is applied at the very end of the chain.

Thanks, clear now. My misunderstanding.

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