Ansel (was: R&Darktable)

then simply search for it at GitHub - no need for nitpicking…

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Oh, I can search for it on github no problem. Also, I’m in no position to do anything in this respect.
But that download is on a page with no links to github, source code or anything like it. Not even a mention of the license (and there isn’t one within the zip either).

Just pointing out a potential problem, the copyright holders can do with it what they want.

So add the links and licensing info to the page and make a pull request.

I was curious to know what AP was up to in recent times, and just downloaded Ansel, for Windows. Reading through the comments on this thread, it looks like there has been a lot of recent activity on the Ansel website, in the last two weeks. Will revert after I’ve tried out Ansel.

Onr reality of life is - we cannot have everything. We do not remain alive forever, nobody ever has enough money, we never have unlimited choices, and I’m learning that too much choice can be bad for you, cos it leads to indecision.

Aurelien has made this choice, and considering his laudable contributions to DT, which has taken that tool forward in such a unique manner compared to any other photo editing tools, I would hope that the community here would also support Aurelien with his choice.

I recall when sigmoid was still a thought, and idea, and some of us had to run two instances of DT, one with sigmoid beta code, and the other mainstream DT.

I’m happy to embrace a future where I maintain an interest in DT as well as Ansel, having both installed and using both.

I am religious - Christian. A year ago, I started attending a new church, and within days, I observed many areas where things could have been improved, my other interests include audio engineering. But it has taken me a whole year to implement about 30% of the opportunities that I know are possible, and the main reason for this is - waiting to carry so many other people along, and as a newcomer, I am not really in charge of anything, and have very little authority. I could have achieved so much more as a volunteer at this church, if I did not have the hoops and loops of approval that I have to jump through for most major changes.

The only risk I see is - what happens to Ansel, if Aurelien is unable to continue it, cos we will all pass away, sooner or later. Being able to move in the direction he deems fit, without a whole committee of reviewers - as its applicable to DT, will have its own advantages.

On that note - I sincerely hope that at some point in time, Aurelien would see the benefit of including Sigmoid, in Ansel.

i.e whatever things in DT which could be of benefit to Ansel, should not be thrown out with the bathwater, he is free to pick and choose which enhancements he wishes to incorporate into Ansel.

Incompatibility between DT and Ansel, going forward, is the price of progress. So be it.

So far, Ansel is installed - no issues, and is running, no crashes yet. Now time to take a few pictures tomorrow and see how Ansel manages them.


I like Ansel. My most recent install of DT is version 3.6.1. Played around with a photo of my wife which I had previously edited in DT 3.6.1. Imported these into Ansel, and created a duplicate which I edited from original in Ansel.

So far - some display bugs where clicking and holding the click, on a duplicate does not display the duplicate temporarily as it should, strange.

The options for tethering to a camera, in the lightroom are gone. and the secondary display for previewing full size from darkroom is gone.

Seems the thinking is to remove any extraneous options that will clutter up workflow, and screen real estate. Sometime in the past the export module in DT could be accessed from either a panel section on the right in lighttable, as well as on the left panel of the IDE when in darkroom. No more - only one export item in the entire user interface, in only one place - in lighttable.

Cleans up clutter, and decision making for the user - no more user interface duplication. !!

Could be that I’m better at editing, but I much prefer the results I’m getting in Ansel. Using fewer modules, and within a short number of editing steps, I’m done. and the end result looks more true to life than the duplicates edited in DT. Which at the end of the day is what’s important, the end result.

Looks like I’ll stay in Ansel. No stability bugs yet… While DT 3.6.1 keeps crashing on me.

One question why are you using such a dated version of DT?? 3.6 is hardly even the same software as todays version…well that’s an exaggeration but there has just been a steady and constant evolution and so many problems identified and corrected . Case in point Ansel is using the same defaults for the most part as DT which are new and very different from what you have as the default in 3.6


That’s because you’re using an old version of darktable. If you upgrade to the latest, you’ll have the same modules are more highlight reconstruction options.


This is only good until it’s not anymore. It’s a thin line to breaking someones workflow.

But yeah, why do I even care, don’t feel offended.
… if it fits for you, great :+1:

Category is now #software, since the discussion is broader than legal but not about dt exactly.

What happened to the printing module in the linux appimage version of Ansel?

It seems to be hidden by default and should be enabled from preferences.

Source: Make plugin loaded optionaly, don't show map, slideshow and map views… · aurelienpierreeng/ansel@e047a7e · GitHub

thanks, found it.

AP just made big announcement on YT

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What did he say? His YouTube doesn’t currently list a recent upload.

I suspect he’s only released it to his paid subscribers so let me guess. Is it an apology?

No. It’s on the community tab.

Why is no one saying what the announcement is? :grin:
It’s just that he’s started a new forum for Ansel users… interesting but not extraordinary.
See here: Aurélien PIERRE - YouTube


I don’t think he is at the time of the excuses, it is enough to read his article in French on his site. I leave you to judge but for me, it does not deserve that one speaks about it on this forum, more especially as is not spared by these criticisms.

Just for your information, here is the link with Google Translate;?sl=fr&tl=en&

Greetings from Brussels,


I started reading that link, but decided I wasn’t in a good enough temper to risk reading any further… :man_facepalming: