Any users of *old* Canon cameras that produced CRW? Help wanted!

Canon cameras have been around for a while.
Modern variants produce .CR3, most mainstream variants produced .CR2.
But the first Canon raws were .CRW.

Those CRW raws may be either 10 bits or 12 bits (or 8 and 10? does not matter here).
There is one more really important parameter - the decoding table number.
There are ONLY three tables - 0, 1 and 2.
You can check which table is used in your .CRW: (this may differ image-to-image)

$ exiftool -DecoderTableNumber\ G1/crw_1693.crw
Decoder Table Number            : 1

And here comes the problem.
Apparently, on the whole, we only have samples with table=1 and table=0,
but none with table=2…

Perhaps someone here (used to) own a camera that produced .CRW,
and may have some such raws in the archive :slight_smile:
It would be great if you could look if anyone has a raw with table=2, one that you could contribute to

For reference, you can use the following command to find the wanted images:

$ find -iname *.crw -print0 | xargs -0 exiftool -DecoderTableNumber -if '$DecoderTableNumber eq "2"'

Bonus for those who did read the whole post: the CRW situation on RPU is really saddening.
Please do check whether we already have a sample for your camera under CC0 license.
It is highly likely that we do not. Samples wanted :slight_smile:


I have one I’ll contribute.


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There are a few here:

Submitted, it’s crw_0211.crw.

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That is the original, old raw sample archive, it’s mostly dead since ~2016, which was the reason RPU got created in ~Dec 2016 with it’s samples as a base, see and hosting raw sample files for history insight.

It is irrelevant whether or not any of these samples match the requirements here,
if they are not on the current RPU, then that means they got replaced by CC0 sample,
which is the target license RPU is striving towards.

Thank you, but i’m sorry, that sample won’t do, it contains people :confused:

(someone uploaded CRW_8395.CRW soon after i created the original post, which is what i was looking for, thanks! but a few more won’t hurt…)