Anyone following the World Cup?


Haven’t been following myself. I do check out the highlights when someone talks to me about a game. In your opinion, who are the contenders and who are the dark horses? Have you taken any sports photography before? Were you satisfied with the outcome?

(keith) #2

En-ger-land :grinning:

(Mica) #3

The US failed to even make it :frowning: That’s pretty sad.

(Alberto) #4

I can feel your pain, believe me :sob:

(Alberto) #5

… despite the pain, though, I am following, even if less so than usual. (meaning, this time I am not trying to watch every single match :wink:
not really an underdog (but still out of the inner circle of the usual suspects) but I have moderately high hopes for Portugal: a solid team, no obvious other perfect team around, and they have a real superstar (for context, I still remember maradona, van basten, baggio, zidane and the other ronaldo, and I still think CR7 is amazing). however, surprises are hard in the world cup – in the end, the winners are almost always the same… as long as it’s not Germany, I’m happy :smile:

(Flössie) #6

Don’t worry: :sweden: on Saturday!



My team was supposed to be doomed even before the tournament started: in the same group as Germany and Sweden, and if we managed to squeak by in second place, we’d likely face Brazil in the group of 16 phase. It is still inconceivable, but we managed to beat Germany and we have a good shot at first place in the group.

My worry now is that, having achieved the impossible, we’ll fail at the easier tasks and end up eliminated anyway :unamused:


At the risk of offending, I would say that the American team has always played very mechanically. Physically, the players are probably super soldiers. :joy: This type of approach is calculated and requires a lot of discipline but it isn’t as much of a challenge to the fluidity of the top teams, where players live and breathe football (or soccer). As a slightly better than terrible soccer player, I might be colossally wrong about this.

I think I know what you mean but could you elaborate in case I don’t? :slight_smile:

I don’t know or remember your nationality.

(Alberto) #9

Just look at the list of winners… only 8 teams in total, and with the top 3 winning 13 editions out of 20.

if you instead were wondering what I meant about Germany… well, Wikipedia is helpful also for that :wink:


@agriggio Mainly asking for the sake of those who might not be familiar. :wink:


This are complicated and personal things … As long as it’s not Italy, I’m happy. Or Ferrari.


I assumed it could be guessed from the rest of my comment – we just beat Germany!


Ha ha, tired eyes, my apologies. Who knows, some people cheer for teams of another country. :wink:

(Mica) #14

Wow Argentina defeated on a horrible goal… Looks like they won’t make it out of group play.


My heart has decided after the second goal, going for a smaller and better team. I hope they will stay decent.


@Reptorian, you have withdrawn your statement. I am interested, if you happen to have problems with this team, so do I.


Not relevant to the conversation. The post was “I’m basically way too busy to watch the world cup.”


Thank you, do your work well, and be fine.

(Gustavo Adolfo) #20

:brazil: country shutdown, everyone in front of the TV screen.
Let’s see what happens.

(Thomas) #21

It’s a pity that the German team can not beat Italy this time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: . Congrats to México. Nevertheless, I hope that “we” will win the next two games and make it to the last sixteen.