Anyone following the World Cup?


I’m actively following my home team, to know when I can go shopping (fluid traffic, less people in stores). Supposedly in the top 4 contenders, so still a few shopping sessions ahead :slight_smile:


That is how I watch the games too. :sunglasses:

PS Speaking of shopping, I went to the grocery store. No World Cup but still quite festive. BBQ and free plant. I like the reflection, showing another picnic table. I think there were 4 in total, and men sitting on stacks of fertilizer at different heights. Warm sunlight, cool breeze. :slight_smile:


I am going for Team Russia. My #2 pick is Team England. None of them will make it far in playoffs of course but I wish they make it to 1/4 final at least. If they make it to semis I will be super happy. :grinning:

Sports photography is like little kids photography if you ask me - you gotta make 100 shots to get one good shot that is worth keeping:)

(Martin Scharnke) #25

8 hours until Germany v Sweden; I am a dedicated followed of Die Mannschaft.
Go :de: !


When will West Germany play against DDR? Am I outdated, mamma?


How it ended.

(Thomas) #27

(Thomas) #28

2:1 for Germany!

(Martin Scharnke) #29

The best sort of earworm to have in your head - the National Anthem of your team who have just won the match! :de:

(Now to organise a flashmob of German-anthem-singers at the local IKEA! :sweden:) :wink:

(keith) #30

Hope you didn’t hurt yourself, jumping up when that late late goal went in :disappointed_relieved:

Come on En-ger-land :grinning:

(Martin Scharnke) #31

No, but my whoop just before 0600 local was heard a long way away!!! :wink:
That curving free-kick was a masterful piece of play.


Otto von Habsburg: “What is the match tonight”?
Servant: “Austria-Hungary, your highness”
Otto von Habsburg: “Austria-Hungary, against who?”

(Phil Howcroft) #33

Although England invented the game , the " beautiful game" is always played by Brasil.

Brasil are everyone’s favourite team and we should just award the cup to them every year by default, for the way they play football.

Other “beautiful game” teams this year include Spain , Columbia and Mexico.

I want Spain to win because they are managed by Fernando Hierro one of the greatest players to wear the white shirt of Bolton Wanderers ( albeit only for one season) .

As for England. It more often than not ends in tears so it is best not to get carried away with too much hope :grinning::soccer::sun_with_face::sunny:

(Thomas) #34

That would be a wonderful idea if Brazil would not sometimes “forget” its class. I remember the last World Cup… :open_mouth: .


in supermarket, shopping, and through the PA was the game… LOUD!!! I could not understand what my friend was saying, nodded anyway… cashier girls have flags on their chicks… good excuse to make casual conversation, maybe steal a smile; yes managed!! The country is on hold, everybody is outside drinking beer and worshiping Ronaldo. I imitate best I can; I put a Laudrup flag over his face though. Game ends, Portugal 1 - Iran 1. Tugas get to go next level after Spain. Fuck virtual referee, embrace and learn from your mistakes and go on

I was lucky enough to meet him… and attend a wonderful masterclass, several lifes ago
R.I.P. David Goldblatt

(Martin Scharnke) #36

You be referring to this semifinal?
(:de::7 - :brazil::1)

(Gustavo Adolfo) #37

You may want to see this video my son showed me, a brazilian quest to try to understand the team blackout at that time.

The video is silly and kinda trash, there’s this masquerade interviewer named Bolivia (which isn’t Bolivian, but Brazilian), but there’s also Müller in person, which buys it all. It’s funny.

Just turn the captions on for the first two Portuguese spoken minutes. After that, it’s Müller, in English.


Deutschland needs a miracle in next 5 minutes :timer_clock:


It’s finished; Kor 2 - De 0; the four-time champions are out!!! :sob: :de::ocean:

Mexico losses 0 - 3 with Sweeden but gets to go next level with their executioners :sheep: :sweden:

(Alberto) #40

it’s the curse of the champions… 3 times in a row now: Italy 2010, Spain 2014, and now Germany… unbelievable

(Thomas) #41