Anyone following the World Cup?


it can only get better now


I believe it’s the first time the Krauts don’t make it through the 1st round

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(Please don’t dsturb me while I cry into my beer)



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Poor Germany can’t escape the curse of the world cup

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Ålé, Ålé, Ålé, Ålé :notes: :sweden: :tada:

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Wohooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :fr:


Portugal - Uruguay
just started… opening beer, cheers (that the best may win) :beers:

Congrats to the frenchmen

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I went shopping. The Ikea parking lot was nearly empty… And at least one more shopping day ahead :slight_smile:


Uruguay will play with France (that put Argentina to rest). Portugal lack of definition has been overwhelming to say the least. Play like a team… guay guay Uruguay!!! Ronaldo can cut the goat tee now :stuck_out_tongue:


La Roja :ceuta_and_melilla:is out , missed (//) 2 penalties after extended time. It lacked clarity against an all-defensive Russia :ru:

With no intention to undermine goal keeper’s abilities, I always liked the theory that assume a player not scoring a free kick as a miss and player’s fault / responsibility =)


The Russian approach didn’t look promising to me, and I got tired just watching it. Still, why not …

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Are you all gone ? :sunglasses::sunglasses::fr:

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A real soft goal by the Uruguayan goal keeper for France’s second :tada:


Seems :brazil: Brazil’s next, loosing by two, what a vibrant match, players just doing that: playing Br 0 - 2 Bel

A canarinha is out!! Played well but lost 1-2 to the surprising Belgians :belgium: Courtois saved the bacon


From my childhood, I remember beautiful Brazilian girls, supporting the team, dancing, mostly nude. The youth is gone. (I would play better.)

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Nope, still there and supporting :slight_smile: :tada: :fr: :tada:

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Still here download

Good luck to our Swedish friends on here.
Hope it’s a good match played in the correct spirit.
Come on En-Ger-Land :grinning: