Anyone following the World Cup?


:sweden:'s out, lost 0-2 against a robust :uk: (but it’s england ?!!)

In a bit more than an hour :ru: vs :croatia:, the match whose winner will go against the englishmen.
:genie: I wish for the strangest; croatia - belgic final


The hosts are out!!! They missed more at penalties. Lots of cute girls crying, a worthy Sucker’s succession gen will play England. Epic match, cha cha cha … salchicha :hotdog:

(Mica) #64

Yeah wow, what a game for Croatia!


I haven’t commented much so far but I am glad that I started this thread. Love reading everyone’s opinions and reactions. I haven’t watched many matches either but this one was awesome. Luck on Russia’s side throughout but Croatia played the better game despite the injuries and whatnot. Unfortunately, I had to walk away the last half of ET.


Glad you created the thread too =)

In this era of idolatry and best this best that players bathed in gold, what I personally like in Croatia is how it feels a team, a group of people carrying on with a task, that is reflected in the game; also they’re coherent and not specialised, they’re very versatile in pace and type of game and they show focus yet they playing feels utterly free and organic (you cannot tell the planning). And to think that some of those players don’t even get to play in their A team…

I also like the belgians. Didn’t watch any game with France and England… well they have Monty Python, je je.

If I may share my perfect indoor env: a beer, a trusty kid near by that knows all the facts and dates and yet can laugh at a fart (wisdom has no boundaries, je je) – he’s fucking laughing and erasing what I write right now!! --ssq3ee i give him cinema { telnet }, crappy internet connexion so when it fails (always at most dramatic moment) you can curse a living hell out, another beer, snacks, exchanging those names you’ll never learn (or soon forget) by funny pseudonyms, this kid is rotten!! … or maybe dead; use, modify, spatify, sub versify, refactorfy all possible insult and variants, use it for everyone -e.g. we (nephew and I) callled russians hijos de putin then in sweden there was a berga and an one very agustin- change sides, you’re the master expert and so your opinions must reflect this BS fact, bet on everything, invent general laws, facts, theories and anything to accommodate reality to own narrow mind, inject entropy in what makes you tick, the truth is in the middle (of the road)… another beer (don’t worry they’re minis), find arguments to fight anybody around you, yes specially that old lady knitting, above all possible conversations there must be the noise of the vibrant audience and very important south american narrators, those that at any time may start talking with a funny accent about women and drinks and food, pass out with ggggoooooooooooolllllllllllll or change change pace to hyper fast commenting, With right amount of mix by the end of the game there’ll be some dizzyness, complicity and fun. Outdoor env has among other, more beer, more macho BS comments, more critical mass effect, more dangerous interactions ; you might even go against local team but cannot change sides, oooohhhh.

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Good match tonight.
Well done France, bad luck Belgium.


World Cup final will be :fr:France - Croatia :croatia:
The croats won over England 2 - 1 in an uber fight. Third consecutive ext time for the former, yet their hearts!!!

My nephew-boss says que los croatas con el último gol jodieron a los ingleses :soccer:

(Mica) #69

Indeed quite the match. A bit of sloppy defending by England. Could’ve been 3-1 in regular time, easy.


well the croats also fought without surrender and without despair, England was firm in the field during first half, more precise and “clear minded”; I’m always impressed by the size and royal bearing of the lions… yet I take chaos (with possibility of magic) over well oiled machine; England played good but they didn’t manage to take advantage and sentence the match; croats are incredibly resolluted in that regard , if I can be a little kitsch “heroic” =)

(keith) #72

Congratulations to Croatia. Good luck in the final.
We made the error of sticking with the same players, some who looked super tired.

It’s only a game ??? :wink:

(Phil Howcroft) #73

The Croatian midfield started to dominate from late in the first half. From that point on England couldn’t really cope with the movement and strength of Croatia .

Luka Modric is one class player .

England fans were well behaved and vocal throughout so top respect to them.

Before the tournament the sensible critics were worried about England’s midfield and so it was .

Would love to have seen Rashford on earlier and receiving the ball to run at the defence.

It was a tense 120 plus mins

(Flössie) #74

I find Yuri Cortez’ story remarkable from a photographer’s point of view. The results really show he’s a professional. :+1:

(Phil Howcroft) #75

I saw the photographer getting squashed in the celebrations . I worried for his and his equipment at the time .

Great story

(keith) #76

Yes I was worried for a while, until I saw his smiling face and that he was still taking photos :grinning:
One of the memories that will hang around for a while.
A wonderful pro.

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Is there still someone here ?
Just curious :sunglasses::fr:


:fr: :soccer: :trophy:


A deserved victory. Game slightly chaotic, but interesting enough. The politicians wet, except for the boss. Four years after, we can bump the thread.
If everything wents well.


Also noticed that they had an umbrella for Putin but not for Ms Grabar-Kitarović. Although over the weekend the prize for the most uncouth man in the world goes to someone else :slight_smile:


I’m to dumb to get it. (But I wasn’t watching the yesterday’s game.) Unless you mean some of the politicians. Over the weekend.

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Trump is the answer.