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I’ve just installed the latest ART_master AppImage (I’m on Linux Manjaro) and I notice that it is impossible to use the lens correction module, whatever the type of my Canon files (CR2 and CR3). So, I think Lensfun is not active. But on Windows, it is and it works! It isn’t that important (the distortion can be adjusted manually), but will this function be fixed soon ?

Hi, and welcome!

This is becoming a FAQ it seems… I’ve updated the wiki to add a workaround for windows, I suppose it’s needed also for the AppImage. Here’s how you should be able to make it work:

  1. locate your options file (in $HOME/.config/ART/options)

  2. Add the following (or replace the entry if it is already there):


Now it should work. If not, please let us know.


Yesss, it works! Thanks a lot!

As a sidenote I had to add on Linux (after compiling the sources)


and it worked.

B. Roessli

I am bumping this thread because I have just found an issue in the packaging of the LensFun DB in the AppImage case. The issue was also present in the RT AppImage, and discussed here: Profiled Lens Correction is missing my camera/lens - #7 by hholt

The consequence was that the AppImage was bundling the lensfun DB shipped with the lensfun sources, and therefore quite outdated/incomplete, instead of the one provided by lensfun-update-data.

Now the up-to-date DB should be correctly bundled. Please let me know if you still encounter any LensFun-related issues…

How did you go about bundling the newer db?

I am calling lensfun-update-data and then I copy the contents of /var/lib/lensfun-updates/version_1/ into usr/share/lensfun/version_1 in the AppImage bundle.

If the update fails, then I copy the default DB from /usr/local/share/lensfun/version_1/.

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