"ART" as a name ensures zero discoverability

There’s a video titled

Art Color Grade Tutorial | Another Rawtherapee Ep 01

at Art Color Grade Tutorial | Another Rawtherapee Ep 01 - YouTube

If I search for

art color grade tutorial

the video is 33rd result. This is purely because “art” is a generic term.

If you’re already in the ART “bubble”, Youtube / Google gives you “better” results thanks to the heavy personalization they do, but said bubble is never going to grow much thanks to the generic name.

It would be a tremendous boon to both existing and potential users of ART if you’d consider a rename. I know this a difficult step for any software project, but ART is still young and relatively obscure even in its niche. There’s never going to be a better time to do it…

Note: I’v never searched for anything Photoshop, DaVinci, or whatever other software is included in the results before the desired video. In fact, thanks to the settings of my browser, Youtube asked me to consent to their no-privacy policy before displaying the results. IOW the browser state was as close to clean slate as I can reasonably get it.




I appreciate the intent, but I like it this way, sorry. I’m not saying that the name was chosen on purpose to be obscure, but what is true is that I have no interest in marketing. However, I’m happy to add links to available resources to the webpage if that helps.

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I’m not saying the name should be something completely different. “ART” is fine as the root.

Adding links to your pages does nothing for eg. Google search results.

Oh well…

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I have no interest in marketing

But this is not about marketing! I’m not asking you to actively promote the software. Let’s hope ART becomes at least as successful as Git then. :wink:

When I google for rawtherapee fork it’s already in the top results.

I don’t think this is a type of software you stumble on accidentally. Most users will come probably via Rawtherapee, or this very group, plus some other photo related groups.

I am not sure more users will really benefit ART much. After all I guess @agriggio time isn’t unlimited and he is very selective what to implement and what not.

I am sure, people that really want it will find it.

When I google for rawtherapee fork it’s already in the top results.

I started this topic because I had trouble finding ART-related videos in Youtube. But, whatever.

I had about the same thought. It’s a little as if the program was called “and”.


Hmmm… @agriggio … since it’s a RawTherapee fork, you could base the name on that fact. The advantage is that the users’ guide could then be called RTFM, which is at least as well-established as Git. :smiley: (sorry, couldn’t resist)


It’s literally there:

Plus, ART stands for “Another RawTherapee”…

I also want to stress that I do understand @rne’s point of view, and I had no intention of dismissing his/her concern. But, realistically, as long as I am in charge, a change of name is not going to happen, I’m sorry… :man_shrugging:

I’m going to start AART, Another ART fork, okay? :wink:

Jokes aside, I’m sure that a lot of video tutorials for RawTherapee still apply to ART as well. And once you get a feel for the software, it’s easy to discover and experiment with how different modules work.


Because there aren’t many :wink: IMHO, a better way might be a “ART” resources page that is updated frequently. Youtube searches are sketchy too.

There are good hints here, but finding them is rather tedious.

Don’t get me wrong, I am fully with on the finding info issue.

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Yes, I know. The suggestion to replace ART with RTF was really just a dumb joke to create a valid use for RTFM. Sorry. It was not intended to anger you or the RT team, or to make a joke of either project.

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oh no, I’m the dumb one – I so didn’t get it :man_facepalming:

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@agriggio, there’s a certain “cachet” in being hard-to-find… :laughing:

Seriously, a good product will stand on its merit, albeit at a slower pace.

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I vote for something that has the acronym AARTVARK. :slight_smile:

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I was going to suggest


But then decided against it. :smiley:


Hmmm… That could help with discoverability indeed :thinking:

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Don’t let the Glimpse people find out about that one.


Hmmm, don’t think so. There’s a lot of prior art for the word… :laughing:

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Someone beat me to FART, although, that would probably only narrow search results a bit anyway…

So, maybe, Forktherapee. Or Sporktherapee. Or Psychotherapee. Or Rawcooker.