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to pan, click on the thumbnail of one of the two images and move the mouse over the thumbnail (with no button clicked).
there’s no support for zoom levels other than fit and 1:1 at the moment, sorry

Hello @agriggio

to pan, click on the thumbnail of one of the two images and move the mouse over the thumbnail (with no button clicked).

Ok. Now it works fine!

Thanks a lot again for releasing such a great piece of software! :slight_smile:

I’ve been having the same problem with lensfun profiles on every version of ART I’ve installed so far-- they don’t show up and the manual selection option doesn’t work (Windows 10 generic builds). I tried Alberto’s suggestion above of modifying the options file entry, saving it as a .txt file. However, the original options file (which has no extension-- Windows just lists it as “file”) seems to get recreated when I reopen ART, minus the lensfun directory modification.

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but I don’t know what. Really liking how ART is developing, just wish I could get my camera/lens combo to show up.

Do you have ART closed while you modify the preferences?

hi @malonechandler, and welcome!

regarding your problem: don’t add the txt extension, just overwrite options, with no extension. if your editor doesn’t allow you to do that, save as txt but then rename the file

Thanks, Alberto and Mica. I thought I had the program closed when I edited the file, but maybe I didn’t-- anyway it’s working now.

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I thought that when you have:

then ART should search in the default location ./share/lensfun.
At least it works like that on my PC.

Do you think it is required to add the path in option file?
In this case when building for windows, we will have to use the -DLENSFUNDBDIR=./share/lensfun cmake flag

That’s the intended behaviour, yes. It seems though that something is not working properly, but I don’t know what yet…

Hello everyone, do we know who is building ART’s V1.3 packages for the PPA?

In the mean time, I will add the flag. It should not hurt!

@Carmelo_DrRaw perhaps to be sure, you could add the flag?

:+1: If you can rebuild 1.3 with that flag, I will re-generate the installer from your generic build and reupload on the webpage

ART_1.3_W64_generic.7z uploaded.

Hi everybody,
just a quick piece of info: I’d like to release 1.4 “soon” (not better specified at this point). If there are any outstanding issues/blockers you think should be addressed, please speak up.
Personally, I’m quite happy with the current state of things, so I expect development to slow down a little bit after this new version (which doesn’t mean that there will be no more developments, just fewer new features for a while – bugs will always be addressed asap).


Here’s another one who is quite happy with the (your) state of things, your state of ART. There’s a tendency in software development that there must always be a next version that offers more and better and sexier functions and tools. But one can also take another approach, saying hey, this software does what I want and need, so why add more stuff ?

One can even go a step further by asking, are there redundant tools in Art? An example is the black&white filter. That works well (for years in RawTherapee), but desaturating in Color Correction works equally well for me, combined with the different sliders there. Same with Saturation & Vibrance, White Balance and perhaps some more.

When you, Alberto, started with Art by saying you wanted to make a kind of simplified (and enhanced) version of RT, I was wondering what could be left out of RT without sacrificing its basic functionality, and for me, that was quite a lot. For me, you could reduce Art just to the masks section plus sharpening and denoising and I would be happy (perhaps I forget a filter or two). But of course everybody wants or needs another toolset…

Anyway, thanks a lot for your work, Art is my preferred raw processor now, before RawTherapee (quite complex), Darktable (quite complex) and dcraw (quite basic but functional).

Regards, Paul.


I find most of the filters useful so I would leave it as is. I vote to maintain the current state of the ART! Thanks again.

The last few days I have edited many photos with Art, including panoramas and HDR. Many sunrises, where I have used the equelyzers a lot. I still have to practice with log tone mapping (especially at sunsets), otherwise everything works smoothly. Great software!

Thanks for the replies. Just to clarify: I have no intention of removing stuff. I agree there is some redundancy, but overall not too much, and the current set of tools is a good sweet spot for me

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@agriggio he strange behaviour of the file browser on opening has returned - the filter panel is always open. Windows 10. Might be due to an update of Windows 10 breaking it.

Sorry if this isn’t the right place to report it.

The proper place would be bitbucket, otherwise it might be forgotten here… Anyway, I’ll try to look into that, thanks

Hopefully fixed now

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