ART v1.0 is out

Can you elaborate at bit more on what you are doing?
I just placed the css into the base folder /usr/share/ART/themes/ and blackfoxx appears in the preferences dialog - but i’m not sure if that is the right way to add a theme to ART/RT.

Yes, that’s right. I did that, too, but it doesn’t show up in the preferences dialog and i don’t know why…!??

what’s your gtk version?

GTK3… i think !

however, the theme added in the classic compilation version, works !!! …

To know the exact version, check the gtk3 package version in the package manager.

Actually i have no clue whats going wrong, despite using a newer kernel and Cinnamon my Manjaro install should be pretty much the same.
Could you try the updated PKGBUILD? Please uninstall the previous package first.

I prefer to add the compilation of EXIV2 from sources in my build scripts, so that they remain self-consistent.

Should one also compile exiftool from sources?

no, that’s not necessary (it is a perl script btw, just wrapped in a standalone .exe for Windows)

No need to mess around with the theming anymore :smiley:
i had a short chat with @blackfoxx and he agreed to integrate the theme into the package.

The updated PKGBUILD files now automagically integrate the theme into the package.

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wouhaou thank you very much @guzzisti and @blackfoxx :ok_hand: :wave: :+1:

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Yeeeaaahh!!! :+1:

I messed with the C++ exiftool interface a few weeks ago, to the extent that I had to submit an issue to Phil Harvey, which he promptly patched in exiftool (11.82). There is one thing that API doesn’t expose, and that’s the tag data type. I developed a patch to include it, but Phil thought it was a bridge too far for most users of the API.

So yes, I think that API should be compiled from the source. And, you need to use exiftool >= 11.83 if you’re going to use it to extract binary values. I’m presently working on exiv2 incorporation in rawproc, will look at exiftool incorporation after that.

ART doesn’t use the C++ API of exiftool

Just finished a lovefest with ART’s… interesting approach. Accordingly, none of my comments apply. :smiley:

I’m using a built from the latest git sources.

Whenever i paste a profile from the clipboard, i need to paste it twice to get the profile applied and the preview window updated. After the first “paste”, the action shows in the the History as PP3 changed | from clipboard but it doesn’t reflect in the preview.

I’ll take a look. if you can, please file an issue on bitbucket as well, so it doesn’t get forgotten, thanks!

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I notice that Ctrl-Click in the HSL Equalizer has no effect. It is Dariusz Duma’s build of 1.0 on Ubuntu 18.04, in case that matters. While I’m at it - I think that equalizer would be better if it started with fewer pre-set colors in it. They are a hassle to remove, and adding them is trivial.

Finally, the name ART. It is great, like the software, but it sadly doesn’t work well with search engines. I see people typing “download art” into a search engine and getting nowhere.

I reported the same issue some time ago, when ART was in its infancy, but I should blame myself for only reporting it on and not filing a proper issue on bitbucket… But at that time I think I didn’t have possibility to report issues on bitbucket.

Please test with Ctrl + Shift + click. It run :clin d’œil:

Ctrl-Shift, works indeed! In RT, Ctrl is enough however.
Edit/add: deltaE could be replaced by “Color range mask”.

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