ART version 1.0 release candidate 1

Hi everyone,

I have just tagged version 1.0rc1 of ART. I have also generated an installer for Windows 64-bit, and set up a very minimal webpage. Everything can be found at


We have hosting if you ever register a domain or if you want a sub domain… Just say so!

I tried to build the RC1 after downloading the zip file.
I go to the tools folder and within a console : ./build-art
I got the following message:line 70: git :unavailable command
What I am doing wrong ?
Of course I am able to get the RC1 through my usual process when I download through the script of @Morgan_Hardwood

Found ! missing libraries “git”
sorry for the noise.

thanks! having something like (or some other variation) would be cool indeed! I have no experience and no time for developing a web site, but if it can just host a markdown wiki then it could be feasible…

Yeah I think that’s doable!

Expect a lot of fanart :wink:


i have just compiled and tried a bit ART on my i3 2100 with 16 gb on ram, ubuntu mate 18.04.3.

For now i have discovered that when xtrans file opening (in the progress bar i read xtrans demosaicing) is much slower compared to Raw Therapee 5.7 .

Btw i think something like this readme could help compiling from source:

$ git clone

$ cmake

$ make

$ sudo make install


Thank you in advance.


You are right, I should provide some basic instructions. In fact, you should probably use:

$ cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

otherwise, you are compiling in debug mode. No surprise then that you get poor performance.


That’s fine, it is what i was thinking whilst having lunch :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Should i also strip the binary?

I’ll try again in the evening. Thank you!

I never do that, but I don’t think it hurts…

If building for own use, why not use -march=native?


Tried, now it’s as fast as Raw Therapee.

Found out that when editing a picture (xtrans) using a detail view and playing with defrige curves, i get some strange refresh problems in the detail view.

This also happens with hsl equalizer, curves, and maybe every other setting.

Mixed thoughts:

The interface is much easier with a lot of tools removed. Most of them were overkill for me, but not all of them…

In particular, i think i miss:

Capture sharpening and especially corner boost radius for sharpening
CC curve (chrominance by chrominance)
final touch up in wavelets

I haven’t found a way to modify size of masks with corners, only with sides. And how to turn a rectangle into an ellipse. For what i remember, darktable was much more intuitive. A video tutorial on youtube could help.

Why the default output color space is not plain sRGB (this affects also rt).

Anyway looks really promising, thank you for all the work!!!

I always used the instructions from RawPedia to compile ART :smiley: (of course, ignoring the part to checkout RT sources)

Until now all works fine…

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can you provide more details? (or maybe file a bug report)?

I just uploaded a couple of screencasts, let me know if they are helpful.

Thanks for the feedback!

@agriggio I observed the same issues while running ART: changing adjusters sometimes leads to a really annoying flickering which I don’t get using RT

thanks for confirming, but this is hardly a bug report, isn’t it? :wink: does it always happen? if not, under which circumstances? thanks!

When adjusting for example exposure compensation I get first (for a short time) the blocky panning background before I get the full resolution (zoom to >= 100% for better observation)

There’s indeed something weird going. I don’t see any particular glitches, but demosaicing performance (at least on xtrans files) seems very low compared to RT. I’ll try to make a screencast to show the difference.

I can’t reproduce, sorry… I tried both on windows and Linux, same thing