ART version 1.0 release candidate 2

Hi everyone,
I’ve just published the second release candidate for ART 1.0.
All the major issues that have been reported for RC1 have been fixed, and the UI has been polished further.
I have also added a short video showing how to synchronize metadata and ratings with digiKam (a similar process also works for other software that uses xmp sidecars).
Thanks to all the people who helped!
Everything can be found at


Hello Alberto,

RC2 works quite well here on Xubuntu Linux.
I’m working on a Dutch translation for ART (did that years before for RT as well).
Regards, Paul.

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Hi @agriggio,
I am translating in french the new lines you added in the color correction module.
I am wondering if the term “slope” “Offset” “Power” are really useful now. You added between parentheses more explicit one like Highlights/Gain, Shadows/Lift, Midtones/gamma.
What do you think of that ?
@sguyader For shadows/lift I suggest : Ombres/Relever (Décaler) ? I do not find really adequate terms.
Thanks for your suggestions.


yes, they are, because they describe precisely what the sliders do, in terms of the ASC CDL equation. the others are for people unfamiliar with that terminology, but they are not precise.


OK thanks for the answer, I am going to sent you the translated file during the day.
You have chosen to use the term “Lightness” for the sliders by using them I feel that “Value” would also be usable.

Serge, I think the word-for-word translation doesn’t work here. In general in French we use the term “déboucher les ombres”, so here “ombres/déboucher” would fit better and be widely understood by French photographers in my opinion.
In fact I think I’ve already used this term in the translation file.

And I agree with @agriggio, the slope/offset/power should stay because they if you check on the internet what they actually are, you get a better understanding of how they work, and eventually they become a new entry in your image processing vocabulary.

indeed, I wasn’t sure. darktable calls it ‘factor’, but I’m not sure about that either…

Not sure I have got my head round the HSL mode in colour correction.
How does selecting different hues for slope and power work? Does it mean the slope or power correction will act more on that particular hue? Sorry if I am being thick…

the hsl mode works exactly like in darktable, which in turn works (as far as I know, I might be wrong here) exactly like color wheels in video editing software, except that you have hue/saturation sliders instead of an integrated wheel. under the hood, HSL adjustments get translated into slope/offset/power adjustments in RGB. so you could obtain the same effect by using the ‘rgb channels’ view, only the UI is different

Makes sense, thanks…

Thanks both for your suggestions . I will do as you suggested.

Here is the last version of the french translation file.
SergeFrancais.txt (150.8 KB)

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Black image at export:
Using this raw and color corrections with masks, although the image was OK within ART . Unchecking Texture Boost allows to export the file as expected. playraw-art-2.jpg.out.arp (11.1 KB)

playraw-art-1.jpg.out.arp (11.1 KB)
using RC2-9.
A link ti the raw


thanks, I’ll take a look

I can reproduce with the same raw file, but not with one of my own images.

should be fixed now.

It works perfectly, what a great job you do :+1::+1:
Many thanks

Honestly, in this case, it was you, who did the great job by properly reporting a bug and providing information how to reproduce the bug!


Hello, here is the Dutch translation of ART rc2. A cleaned-up version will follow. (This site requires me to change the file name from Nederlands to Nederlands.txt…).Nederlands.txt (109.6 KB)

Regards, Paul.

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thanks, added!