ART version 1.5 released

I’ve just tagged version 1.5 and uploaded a windows binary.
Besides several bug fixes, here are the differences wrt. 1.4.1:

  • added support for camera-specific white balance presets
  • added support for manipulating WB by setting the R,G,B multipliers
  • added input/output saturation to the colour correction module
  • added support for embedding the processing parameters inside the (XMP) metadata of the output images
  • added “saturation control” to the dynamic range compression module
  • added new experimental “dynamic row noise” filter (under Raw Bayer -> preprocessing) to fix colour banding occurring when taking long exposures with some Canon cameras (idea and sample code provided by @Peter)
  • tweaked the default theme (for GTK >= 3.20)

As usual, a big thanks to all the people that provided patches, bug reports, suggestions, and general feedback!


A very big thanks to you in the first place Alberto, ART is really a joy to use!


1.5 up and running on Manjaro! :slight_smile: - Thank you!

Discovering and understanding the new function in white balance.

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Excellent, thank you. Do you have a buy-a-coffee page or similar? I use Art a lot and appreciate all the hard work you put in. Thank you :slight_smile:

Much appreciated, thanks! However, I don’t take donations – feedback is sufficient :slight_smile:


Then even more kudos to you. After coffee and red wine, ART is now my drug of choice :+1:


Anyone having error with the Windows version? I’m getting an error with the [] installation…libssp-0.dll was not found…

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@rtu2000 Version 1.5 with the exe installer works fine for me. I have had the issue that you mention with other earlier development versions though. I seem to remember that it was sorted though, can’t remember how, sorry…

The new version is great, thanks. I like the tweaks to the RawTherapee theme, it is less distracting with the grey bars than the blue ones.
The ART theme also looks really nice, has given it a modern looking face lift. Not sure if it is a work in progress, but in Windows 10 the buttons and spacing are quite large, so many of the tools no longer fit neatly in the space. The histogram also can only be minimised to half the panel, not leaving much room for other tools. Not a complaint, just some feedback. I can carry on using the RawTherapee theme. I know how it is difficult to get everything to display optimally on different devices / systems especially if you don’t have access to them all. Here is a screenshot:

Actually, there’s no art theme per se. I merely put my customisation to the RT theme in a separate css that gets included by the RT theme. The fact that it shows up as another theme is a bug that I missed… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I see, that makes sense.

Really nice thank you!

I think i’m starting getting not too bad colors from my phone!

I’m thinking of releasing a 1.5.1 “very soon”. There are a couple of annoying bugs that went into 1.5, plus 1.5.1 will have an updated Dutch translation and support for a couple more recent cameras (Nikon z5, canon r5 and r6). Not much, but there’s no reason to hold this back…


Ciao Alberto.
Have a problem with 1.5 AppImage on Kubuntu 20.04.
When I zoom to 100% it takes about 10 seconds, In 1.3 it’s almost instant.
Just reinstated 1.4 and that is also slow. (For some reason I’ve been using 1.3 and not 1.4).
I don’t know what to check, if it’s my set up or something in the AppImage.

I’m currently experiencing segmentation faults on startup when building 1.5-9 with tcmalloc enabled on Artix Linux with linux-zen-kernel 5.8.4.
As soon as i disabled tcmalloc or go back to the official release version 1.5 everything is fine. Similar happend of few months ago, but the segfaults where mysteriosly gone after a while and tcmalloc could be enabled again. So i’m not sure if this is something worth troubleshooting.


does this happen with all images? Did you check the options in “preferences -> performance”?

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Many thanks, that’s done it :grinning:
I hadn’t noticed there is an extra row in performance, White balance position in the preview pipeline. I changed that and it now works perfect.
Again many thanks for your quick response. :+1:

Is the ART fork of Rawtherapee still hosted on private BitBucket? I feel there would be a lot more contributors if it was on Github. :cowboy_hat_face:

By that I meant you can’t easily fork & pull request, discoverability is a challenge, and it slows down the development with just one person. Its kinda starting to feel like your baby and maybe it is, I just feel that the community could contribute code and make this “our project” rather than “your project” which is the meaning of open source.

Or maybe do you plan to pull request into RawTherapee and this is just an unsupported test?

We could all use those crazy features, just not very much at all supported by the community.


I have no problem moving to GitHub if people feel it might help. Also, I would love for art to become a community effort, as long as I am not in charge of managing the project :slight_smile:. However:

I’m not sure I understand what you mean here… Can you clarify?


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I have no clue why moving from one proprietary platform to another would benefit the project.

It’s a git repo, anyone can clone it and send patches regardless where it is hosted.