Automated Windows build needs testing

(Morgan Hardwood) #1

Hello good people

@Carmelo_DrRaw is working on setting up a system to automatically generate a Windows 64-bit build of RawTherapee, and we need your help in testing.

You can find the ZIP files here:
If you find an issue, report it here or in GitHub there

Known issues:

  • the rewtherapee.exe executable is big, because it is built in RelWithDebInfo mode
  • the lensfun database seems to be not correctly found, and automatic lens corrections are disabled - I am looking into this
  • a few UI icons are missing

When giving feedback, be sure to include your Windows version and the full version of the RT package you’re testing.

(Morgan Hardwood) #2

New build for testing:
Please report if it doesn’t work, and also report if it does. State your Windows version and any possible error messages.

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #3

After unzipping the download, clicked on the RT executable file and it works perfectly on my system, which is Win 10 Home (Single Language) Version 1709 (Build 16299.309).


God morgon, Morgan!

Unzip very slow - about 3 minutes.
Apart from that, no peculiar things found :slight_smile:

WIn 10 Pro & Ryzen 7

Have fun!
Claes i Lund


I’m little bit confused. :thinking:
You guys have just released RT 5.4: RawTherapee 5.4 released!
and at about the same time there is a ‘new build for testing’ 5.4?

Can someone enlighten me? Thanks!

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #6

This is an automated build that is cross-compiled and packaged using Travis CI, as opposed to the official builds that are natively compiled under Windows by some user.

However, we are still checking that the cross-compilation of RT under Linux using mingw-w64 produces executables that are as stable and as fast as those natively compiled under Windows.

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #7

Also, this build seems portable. Is it not? I copied the entire unzipped folder on a pen drive and it works well on another win 10 computer without any issues.


All RT builds are portable see


Only reporting that it does work on win7, without issues, for me.

Edit: OK on win10, too.