Automatic Contact Sheet Generation

I’ve added an automatic contact sheet generator script to my LBB.

This allows me to quickly glance at a PDF to see which photos are in each backup directory and to see thumbnails grabbed from each video file.

Would need some work to make it universal (it currently only works with CR2 files and H.264 in a .MXF - because that’s what I use) and it is quite slow (as it needs to run a video decoder on a Pi zero) - but would it be useful to try an implement it properly?


Would love that! I was thinking about writing one for myself too. I assume this would work for CR3 too?

man that sounds super useful :thinking:

This is super useful! If you create pull request, I’ll integrate this feature into Little Backup Box.


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If CR3 is available in dcraw or similar, then yes.

I’ll tidy up my code, then create a pull request - probably early January.

As I said, the video thumbnail creation will be slow on a low powered device, but that will be up to the user to decide if they want to run it.

Sounds great! Thank you very much, and Happy Holidays!

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I’ve found a great script to do similar for video files too. I’ve written a wrapper script to do each file in a directory.

Works really well, but is not fast on a Zero.

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Can’t wait to see the result! :grinning:

Annoyingly the Video script I downloaded works on my Linux Laptop and on a Raspberry Pi zero running Raspbian (latest version) but not Raspbian Lite latest version.

Even more annoyingly, it’s an awk script that’s going wrong, and as far as I can tell the awk processor is the same version.