Automatic lens detection seems broken in RT5.8 (February 4 version)...

Did some testing… Like i mentioned RT does not detect my standard sony lenses on my a6400. It however does detect my standard lenses on some Canons i own…

So i guess it is specific to sony lenses and that RT does detect other lenses so it might not be a build issue.

In the meantime DarkTable detects the sony lenses just fine…


That could be due to a different naming between Rawtherapee and lensfun.

What are:

  • the exact names of the lenses displayed by rawtherapee in the editor window
  • the exact names of those same lenses inside lensfun (the name you choose manually )

The name in the editor is: “Unknown (35mm f/1.8)”
The name i pick in lensfun is: “Sony E 35mm f/1.8 OSS”


So it is a bad decoding of the lens name in rawtherapee.

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Did you clear the cache? The lensname is written into the cache. If it was written as Unknown, a nightly build will use that even if the lens is supported meanwhile.

Although i failed to upload my files, the files found in Index of /data/Sony/ILCE-6400 have the same issue.

How do i clear the cache on mac or linux?


I have just finished re-integrating RT’s EXIF parser code into Photoflow, to use it as an alternative method to extract the lens name. I can confirm that the lens from the RAW files from Index of /data/Sony/ILCE-6400 is reported as “Unknown”. Notice that in my case I am not using the cache.

On the other hand, the EXIV2-based code that I am using as the primary meta-data extractor successfully reports the good lens name, which matches the LensFun database…

Same issue here Sony A6500 and Sony branded lenses… (PZ18-105).

Can confirm with latest dev version as of today. Nikon Z6 is recognized automatically, but the lense Z 24-70 F/4 S is not while it is present in the Nikon lenses list.

What is the name of the Z 24-70mm from the exit data? I don’t see that lens at Lensfun

Lensfun 0.3.2 uses the version_1 database, and in mil-nikon.xml I find the following entry:

    <model>Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/4 S</model>
    <mount>Nikon Z</mount>
        <distortion model="ptlens" focal="24" a="0.032" b="-0.114" c="0.073"/>
        <distortion model="ptlens" focal="28" a="0.022" b="-0.077" c="0.061"/>
        <distortion model="ptlens" focal="35" a="0.019" b="-0.056" c="0.063"/>
        <distortion model="ptlens" focal="50" a="0.024" b="-0.067" c="0.096"/>
        <distortion model="ptlens" focal="70" a="0.012" b="-0.017" c="0.039"/>
        <tca model="poly3" focal="24" vr="1.0002247" vb="1.0000753"/>
        <tca model="poly3" focal="28" vr="1.0001203" vb="1.0001310"/>
        <tca model="poly3" focal="35" vr="1.0000506" vb="1.0001152"/>
        <tca model="poly3" focal="50" vr="0.9999946" vb="1.0000632"/>
        <tca model="poly3" focal="70" vr="0.9999059" vb="0.9999643"/>

exiftool produces the following for an image shot with that lens:

glenn@caliente:~/Photography/rawproc$ exiftool -G -Lens* DSZ_4168.NEF
[MakerNotes]    Lens Type                       : AF
[MakerNotes]    Lens                            : 24-70mm f/4
[MakerNotes]    Lens F Stops                    : 5.00
[MakerNotes]    Lens Data Version               : 0800
[MakerNotes]    Lens ID                         : Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/4 S
[EXIF]          Lens Info                       : 24-70mm f/4
[EXIF]          Lens Make                       : NIKON
[EXIF]          Lens Model                      : NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S
[EXIF]          Lens Serial Number              : 20078247
[Composite]     Lens Spec                       : 24-70mm f/4 AF

If RT is using the Makernotes tag Lens ID, it should be found. Now this is recent for Nikon; before the Z cameras, there was no such nomenclature in the metadata, and it had to be constructed by inspecting other tags. RT’s table to do so is in rtexif/

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For what it’s worth; I’m getting the exact same behavior with my Sony A5100 and two Sony lenses, the 18-135mm (model SEL18135) and the 20mm (model SEL20F28) on RT5.8 - RT5.7 did correctly detect both lenses.

I have been wondering how to post this problem here, and what information to give. Happily, I find folks way ahead of me, and the problem is known.

I am using Linux Mint 19.1 and RawTherapee 5.8. Previously my Sony lenses were recognised, but now they are showing as unknown. I can manually select them, but “i” shows “Unknown” and auto does not find them.

Today I have followed the build script instructions. The resulting Version: 5.8-343-gcdf8d8ec7 also has this problem.

(My first post here: sorry it is with a problem! I do not very often RAW-process, but when I do, I have settled on using RT)

I am using the appimage 5.7-20190910 release. This does not have the problem.

But I look forward to returning to 5.8 and subsequent versions when this is fixed — or knowing what to tweak to fix it?

You can manually point RT to your lens fun database in the settings.

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I tried that, did not work.

1 it automatically updates the camera settingbut not the lens, the lens can be updated manualy.
2 the photo information shows the lens as “unknown.” This should not be so, as it is known and recognised in 5.7

So, my wild guess is that it is the lens recognition that is somehow broken, not the database lookup.

RT uses exiv2 to fetch that information. You can use a file ~/.exiv2 to tell exiv2 what your lens is.

afaik RT uses code derived from exiftool, not exiv2.

My bad! What is exiv2 used for then?

I thought I’d throw in a +1 for this problem. In RawTherapee 5.7, all my lenses (on a Sony A6500) but one are recognized, whereas in 5.8 all my lenses are listed as Unknown, unless I’ve already had the folder of images in question open in RawTherapee 5.7 first, in which case, clearing the cache in 5.8 causes them to be listed as Unknown again.

Edited to add: I’m on Windows 8.1

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