Automatic naming of modules when choosing a preset - neat!

I just got the latest master and opened darktable for some casual evening editing - and discovered this:
Whoever put in the automatic naming when choosing a module preset - thank you! You just made my day evening :smiley:


A side effect of also being able to apply multiple auto preset. It all started as a Feature Request. Now I need to create two auto for D&S to further simplify my workflow.

Thanks Pascal


This is pretty awesome … except … I cannot seem to replicate this functionality. My current build is 4.3.0+14~ged69e5ae3 and I auto-apply denoise (profiled). I have created a preset of the “non-local means auto” mode to automatically apply on all my imports, inventively :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: named “Non-local auto”. I find no such description, no matter how wide I make the right toolbar:

This is too old of a build. It was merged around 12hr ago. Actually there are a significant number of merges in the last two days.

Thank you, I have pulled the latest and rebuilt - now the feature is there! Awesome!

Thanks :slight_smile: That’s my work. I needed that for the multiple auto apply presets. That’s very fresh, if there is issue do not hesitate to report on GitHub.


I’m glad it’s here now. I requested it a year ago, but was told it’s a bad idea.


I can actually relate to the reasoning against it.
I think there might be (at least) three different use cases:

  • multiple instances of the same module w/ different presets (S&D for denoise and S&D for sharpening, for example)
  • (multiple) instances (w/, w/o preset) for a specific area - which I often call something like “top left” or so
  • applying a preset but tweaking it

In all cases, I would manually type in a name if needed, anyway. So for me, it either saves me typing in an information the module already “knows” (whicht preset?) or its at least no additional work to put in an individual name.

But, as everywhere: as soon as there is an option, there are reasons for and against it :rofl:

Note that the current implementation fix the issue reported in the thread you reported. Now the name is reset if the parameters are changed so at leas we cannot say that the iop name is misleading. This was not proposed at the time. Note also that if you enter manually the iop name it won’t be reset. All in all the current implementation does not suffer the initial problem mentioned and this was really needed for the support of multiple auto-presets otherwise it would be difficult to see what has been applied.


Sorry, I wasn’t complaining. I’m just happy it’s there, and even happier with the advanced solution!

@kofa : I know, I just wanted to add some notes about the work.

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Thank you very much for your work @Pascal_Obry .

Sorry if this isn’t the right place to post this potential issue.
I’m using the color balance presets from @MarcoNex and when I want to do a clean and tidy job, I have to name each new instance, so this new feature is great for me as it saves me a lot of time.
Well, when I select one of the presets, name it, great, but, when I modify something within the new instance, the name disappears.
I am aware that I have changed the values of the presets, and that therefore it is no longer the same.
In this particular case, the purpose of the presets and the classification of colors using parametric masks to later work on the colors individually.
I wonder if there is some way to keep the name even though I changed the values inside the instance.

Thank you.

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I agree. The name expresses an intention, which does not change by fine-tuning the parameters.

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Yes, just rename it (or just enter the iop label and type enter)


I created a style with multiple d&s instances turned on, but it slows the pipe/works the hardware too much for my liking, so now I have the presets in the style turned off, and only turn them on when all else is done.

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So with the ‘prompt for name on addition of new instance’ option set we just need to press Enter, I guess (not at my Linux box at the moment).

Thank you for your answer.
That was already the case before.
So in this particular case nothing has changed.
Thanks anyway. Darktable is getting better every day.

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Sometimes, but not always. I’m thinking, for example, of the film emulation presets in color calibration. For example, the “B&W: ILFORD HP5+” is very specific and if you change some of the parameters in color calibration it might not even be B&W any more, and it’s certainly no longer an emulation of that specific type of film.


Indeed. :+1: Another example of no single truth or correct solution.


I think being able to rename or keeping the name after an edits makes this too complex without a significant benefit. Do you want the name and tweak to remain with the xmp?