automatic perspective correction - thank you!


I’ve been using rawtherapee since almost 10 years now (so almost since the beginning I think… if I remember correctly the first version I used was 2.x) and I just wanted to say thanks to all developers. All tools are great. I’m specially amazed by the automatic perspective correction which I just found out (I don’t do much photography lately unfortunately… so maybe it’s been around already quite some time). You just saved me so much time of trying to correct perspective manually “pulling” a bit here and a bit there… Thanks!


I agree, I was so happy to see that make it’s way into RT!

Credit, where credit is due: @Lawrence37

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Well, I stole it from ART, so I have @agriggio to thank for porting it from darktable.


Is this in v5.8? I can only see manual perspective control, vertical and horizontal.

It’s not in 5.8. You will need a recent dev version or wait for 5.9.

Ah! That explains it! Thanks, Lawrence.

hi, this is really a nice function. But:
I just clicked this function accidentally on a pic, where no perspective correction is necessary (or possible) and RT shut down (Version: 5.8-2746-gcce2f5053).
and…this behaviour is repeatable

Does it only happen with the one photo? What are the exact steps to reproduce the crash?

@marter Please file a bugreport on our GitHub page if possible.

@Lawrence37 @Thanatomanic thanks for answering.
In the beginning i was curious, if, may be, my system (Windows 10, 64 bit) wasnt set up properly.
After i had checked this, i tried several raw-files and mostly the function worked fine and didnt crash.
This one file, still crashes, even if i open it without any sidecar.
Steps: open the raw file, choose perspective correction, click automatic and RT is shut down.

Wonder, if this will happen on your system too:

P1030235.RW2 (20,7 MB) P1030235crash with automatic adjustments.RW2.pp3 (14,3 KB)

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i will check github, dont have an account there yet…

I confirm that automatic distortion correction crashes on this file

I cannot produce the crash, but as Ingo pointed out, RT does crash with automatic distortion correction.

I filed an issue nevertheless

thanks to all, i know, my english isn’t best, of course i meant distortion.
@Thanatomanic thanks for filing the bugreport at github. I created an account there and still am reading the guide “How to Write Useful Bug Reports” - it takes some time for me …
But i am sure, i soon will be able to post there a bug report for the inspector not yet working properly :wink:

This is not a bug?

@Thanatomanic what do you mean?

RT doesn’t crash on this photo, running uptodate Linux openSuSe Leap 15.2 and RT 5.8-2669. Before activating automatic perspective correction only activate automatic selection in Lenscorrection Profiles

As others have already said: the images does not crash with automatic perspective correction, but it does crash with automatic distortion correction.

@marter You say that “I soon will be able to post there a bug report for the inspector not yet working properly”. Were you referring to this thread by any chance? Fast preview at full size As you can see, this was not a bug, but something that is introduced after version 5.8 came out. If not, I look forward to your bug report :slight_smile:

@Thanatomanic yes, thats the thread i learned about inspector. When i tried this, i only was able to see quarter of the pic. Scrolling the mouse just shows a part of the pic and… its scrolling diagonally. No full view on some pics, others are working fine. I am still searching for to find a difference i can report on.