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Hello to everyone.
My name is Gerardo and I am new on this forum.

I have a question on Raw Therapee: it is possible to have a fast preview on the RAW files (I use a canon CR2) at full size?

Actually I use the inspect tab of the file browser: in this way it is very fast (because I see the embedded low resolution image in the RAW file) but I cannot see the full image because the image is shown at 100% scale.
To see the full image I must open in the editor and set the zoom at “Fit whole image to screen” (a scale of about 25%) but I cannot use this procedure for the post-production selection step of the image because the use of the editor it is very slow to be used to scroll hundreds of images (I use the editor only for the editing once I have chosen the image of my interest).

What I want is to have a system to rapidly scroll the images (like for example in the “inspect” tab) not at 100% scale but a scale smaller than 1:1 (for example 60% or less) and select the star or the color tag to select them. The optimum for me is (if it is possible) to scroll between the various images (I think that the speed will be very fast due to direct reading of the embedded image, without any calculation) by rotating the wheel of the mouse and then to tag the image with color, star, bin, etc.

Many thanks for your support

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If you happen to be running on Linux, you could use Geeqie to go rapidly through your raw files, rate them as you go, and launch RawTherapee to edit any raw via right click on the image.

@gergio Are you using RawTherapee 5.8 or a nightly build? A change has been made since the latest release. Pressing f on your keyboard while hovering over a thumbnail in the file browser now shows a full-screen scaled preview. See

Many thanks for your answer and suggestions.
I have the version 5.8 on Windows and I have tried to press the f key but nothing happen. Maybe that I need to install some feature? (like an addon, extension or similar plugin, I don’t know: the posted link has a referement to the file “” but I haven’t this file on my PC)

This feature has been added after the 5.8 release, so you need to use a nightly build if you want to try it out, or wait for the next release (but unsure when that is).

Thanks for your link. I have downloaded this version
but the f key don’t work.
Tipically how many time need to wait to have the next release? (some days or some months)

check this setting

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Great! It work! Many thanks!
It necessary to set “Open inspector in own windows or fullscreen” and restart. It is slower than the classic “Inspect” but I don’t know why (maybe that it is the non-optimized version of the code, there are also some black rectangle outside the image).
I see that it is possible to zoom in with the “z” key or scroll the magnification with the mouse wheel, good.
There’s a way to skip to the next or previous image of the file list while observing in fullscreen mode?

@gergio Please see for the details on what functionality was added.

There is also a (long) discussion thread on the inspector window and not every matter is settled yet. Maybe you can find what you’re looking for there. Otherwise, feel free to open a new issue with a feature request.

@Thanatomanic many thanks. I’ll read the link that you have posted

Hi @Thanatomanic after your suggestion I have read the topic and made a propose on the behaviour of the procedure. Many thanks for your interest

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The program “FastRawViewer” might be just what you’re looking for.
If you try it be sure to check the Settings thouroughly, as I didn’t find the default Settings very good back at the time when I installed it. It might first seem like a bad software due to this, but it’s actually really nice when configured properly.

It’s not FOSS …


(Since the OP didn’t ask for FOSS, I thought it’s OK to mention it.)