automatic perspective correction - thank you!

Credit, where credit is due: @Lawrence37

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Well, I stole it from ART, so I have @agriggio to thank for porting it from darktable.


Is this in v5.8? I can only see manual perspective control, vertical and horizontal.

It’s not in 5.8. You will need a recent dev version or wait for 5.9.

Ah! That explains it! Thanks, Lawrence.

hi, this is really a nice function. But:
I just clicked this function accidentally on a pic, where no perspective correction is necessary (or possible) and RT shut down (Version: 5.8-2746-gcce2f5053).
and…this behaviour is repeatable

Does it only happen with the one photo? What are the exact steps to reproduce the crash?

@marter Please file a bugreport on our GitHub page if possible.

@Lawrence37 @Thanatomanic thanks for answering.
In the beginning i was curious, if, may be, my system (Windows 10, 64 bit) wasnt set up properly.
After i had checked this, i tried several raw-files and mostly the function worked fine and didnt crash.
This one file, still crashes, even if i open it without any sidecar.
Steps: open the raw file, choose perspective correction, click automatic and RT is shut down.

Wonder, if this will happen on your system too:

P1030235.RW2 (20,7 MB) P1030235crash with automatic adjustments.RW2.pp3 (14,3 KB)

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i will check github, dont have an account there yet…

I confirm that automatic distortion correction crashes on this file

I cannot produce the crash, but as Ingo pointed out, RT does crash with automatic distortion correction.

I filed an issue nevertheless

thanks to all, i know, my english isn’t best, of course i meant distortion.
@Thanatomanic thanks for filing the bugreport at github. I created an account there and still am reading the guide “How to Write Useful Bug Reports” - it takes some time for me …
But i am sure, i soon will be able to post there a bug report for the inspector not yet working properly :wink:

This is not a bug?

@Thanatomanic what do you mean?

RT doesn’t crash on this photo, running uptodate Linux openSuSe Leap 15.2 and RT 5.8-2669. Before activating automatic perspective correction only activate automatic selection in Lenscorrection Profiles

As others have already said: the images does not crash with automatic perspective correction, but it does crash with automatic distortion correction.

@marter You say that “I soon will be able to post there a bug report for the inspector not yet working properly”. Were you referring to this thread by any chance? Fast preview at full size As you can see, this was not a bug, but something that is introduced after version 5.8 came out. If not, I look forward to your bug report :slight_smile:

@Thanatomanic yes, thats the thread i learned about inspector. When i tried this, i only was able to see quarter of the pic. Scrolling the mouse just shows a part of the pic and… its scrolling diagonally. No full view on some pics, others are working fine. I am still searching for to find a difference i can report on.

I’ve had a few crashes with perspective correction. I never use automatic distortion correction.

Occasionally it freezes, seemingly failing to find a solution. Occasionally it crashes. I’ve not been systematic about it yet so havent filed a bug/provided info. Will do if and when it happens again.

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I pushed a fix