Backup more than one card

Hi, please, wouldn’t be possible to work with more than one card? Like to plug-in a usb hub with more connected cards and to process them in a queue with random order. I usually need backup of more devices and this way to do that would be really great :slight_smile: .

In theory it’s possible. In practice, that would require major changes in code, and it would most likely make the system more error-prone.

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Don’t you have any idea for a workaround? Just to connect all the cards before sleep and have everything ready in the morning… :slight_smile:

As I said, there is no workaround. You’d need to change large parts of the code.

Hi, here is my simple hardcoded version of backup for 2 cards with oled support (from the experimental branch).

it’s a bit different logic. Anyway, it works as I wanted.

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And the progress for oled in the experimental branch is really slow, if there are a lot of files and almost everything is already synced. I have updated the code to repaint the oled just every 2 seconds and tested it. It’s pretty fast, almost the same speed as without oled

	timestamp=$(date +%s)

	while IFS=$'\n' read -r -d $'\r' -a pieces; do

	  for piece in "${pieces[@]}"; do
		case $piece in
		  "sending incremental file list") continue ;;
			read -r size pct rate time <<<"$piece"
			cTimestamp=$(date +%s)
		dif=$(($cTimestamp - $timestamp))
			if [ $dif -gt 0 ]; then
				oled r
				oled +b "Backup progress:"
				oled +c "$pct - $rate"
				oled +d "Storage: $storsize"
				sudo oled s
				timestamp=$(date +%s)
				let "timestamp=timestamp+2"
		  *) filename=$piece;  ;;
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That code was a bit of a bodge by me. Would be great to get it in to the release version.

Currently looking at adding some code to create a contact sheet for each directory of images/video but am waiting to get a slightly better SBC in the mail to make it a bit faster.

Sorry, guys! Integrating the progress feature has been on my todo list for quite a while. But there is always something that comes in the way. I really appreciate your work. Rest assured I fully intend to add your code to Little Backup Box. Thank you for your help and patience!

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Just fyi I’ve added support of unlimited number of cards to the fork


great Jop!! but one question… how can i install your version?

You can use the description on the project webpage

Hi @dmpop , just a question, it seems that my fork offers something what are people looking for. The feedback to it seems promising. Don’t you want to try to look at it and merge it? It’s a pity that it is split. It is confusing for users.
Here is how it works with more cards:

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First of all, thank you for your work, Pavel! I’m still debating with myself whether I want this functionality. Direct merge probably wouldn’t be possible, and I’m really don’t have a lot of spare time at the moment.

Personally, I see no problem in having two parallel versions. I think confusion can be avoided if you rename your fork to something different. Little Backup Box Advanced, perhaps? :slight_smile:

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