Basic Landscape Exposure Blending with GIMP and G'MIC


Basic Landscape Exposure Blending with GIMP and G'MIC

Exploring exposure blending entirely in GIMP

Photographer Ian Hex had previously explored the topic of exposure blending with us by using luminosity masks in darktable. For his first video tutorial he’s revisiting the subject entirely in GIMP and G’MIC.

Have a look and let him know what you think in the forum. He’s promised more if he gets a good response from people - so let’s give him some encouragement!

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Very nice tutorial; I have never actually used channels before so I learnt something new :smile:

I noticed you say “surface blur” in Photoshop is “G’MIC/Repair/Smooth [bilateral]” in GIMP; is there a list somewhere of such correspondences?

Nice tutorial!
But its very time-consuming.
Is it possible to generate all the layers with one G’MIC script?

@LightSweep is a wealth of neat information! :slight_smile:

Not sure if someone has compiled an actual list or not. (You can always come here to ask about a specific mapping if needed)…

Possibly? You may be able to automate some parts of this, but usually I’ve found that the settings used are dependent on the source images and the desired result (so there’s a fair amount of adjusting and tweaking from image to image).

Hi, guys! Lovely tutorial! So i downloaded G’MIC and my anti-virus says its a virus. Can you guys check to see if the download is clean? Or if i’m the only one having this issue?


It’s a false positive, as discussed here:

Thanks very much Pat ! Just wanted to make sure…

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@LightSweep: if you agree, I would like to reproduce this tutorial with PhotoFlow, to show how the same steps can be followed in a non-destructive way and directly from the original RAW files.

This will most likely appear also in the context of a PhotoFlow interview on an Italian web site. OF course, I will give full credits to you for the original tutorial!

If the idea is acceptable, then I will be really grateful if the RAW files for the two blended exposures could be shared in some way…