Batch edit date/time metadata in Digikam?

I’m running Digikam 8.0.0 via the appimage.

My camera’s clock has been set to the wrong timezone and I just noticed. Does Digikam have a way change the exif datetime data on multiple images by a fixed amount of time?

In this case, I want to move the Date and Time tags on several pictures forward one hour from what is already recorded in the metadata.

My other option is to write a python script that uses Exiftool to parse the existing metadata and write new values. But this seems like a common enough problem, I would think that someone had already figured out a quick solution.

As an aside, the Digikam Docs say there is a metadata editor. I went looking for it in the Item Menu → Edit Metadata, but did not see it in there.

i would modify the time in the xmp files and dont worry about the time in the raw files. keep the raw files pristine.


Edit…I ran across this old post reporting that digikam removed metadata editing due to raw file corruption in version 5.8 (5½ years ago). So I guess that digikam will not do that.

I have also never used digikam sidecar files, Raw Therapee also adds sidecar files and I’m in the middle of learning Darktable/Ansel, which makes even more sidecar files, and I have no idea if those would conflict with Digikams, so I am hesitant to add any more sidecars.

I guess I will write a script using exiftool.

2nd (last?) edit:
It seems that Exiftool has a way to do this pretty easily with one command.

Digikam and darktable use the same naming scheme for sidecar files, and the contents are fairly standard.
“Fairly” standard in that both programs understand some common namespaces, but not the dedicated namespace of the other program (e.g. darktable editing instructions are not read by digikam). Both leave unknown tags in the sidecars (as expected for XML). Exchanging tags, titles, comments works, color labels and flags not so much (different approaches).

So digikam won’t make more sidecars when you already use them with darktable. Rawtherapee uses a different naming, so there you will get an extra sidecar.

What operating system are you using ?

The two best time-stamp editors I have found are in ExifToolGUI and FastStone; both are free Windows only programs.

For RAW files time editing I would lean toward ExifToolGUI.