Best way to work when updating ART versions

I’ve been using the @gaaned92 zip’s whereby I extract and then place the ART.exe shortcut on the taskbar (windows 10).

I never used the exe versions simply because I didn’t want to have to uninstall the old version first.
So, I’m wondering if I really need to do that. Could I simply install the exe to the same folder each time there is an update. I could name the folder something like c:\program files\ART\

So, what’s the best way to work?

You can and it will work, but what it won’t do is remove the previous uninstall entry from Control Panel / System Settings. And running that previous uninstaller will remove part of the current version, so… You’ll need to uninstall each time, anyway.

At least in my experience…

I see your point. I looked at bitbucket downloads and I don’t see a zip for windows or at least don’t recognize the extensions as being such. Am I mistaken?

I’ve always used the installer, to the same directory. I just recently discovered the uninstall issue, but it’s easy enough to deal with.

In what way, please clarify.


See this post: ART new releases - #255 by lphilpot

Basically, you can run the installer pointed at C:\Program Files\ART every time and it’ll upgrade the current installation to the new version. It just doesn’t delete the previous uninstall key from the registry (which is pointed at the same directory), so you have to do that manually. See the next to last paragraph in the linked post above. It takes longer to open regedit and go to the key than it does to delete it. :slight_smile:

For convenience I have several “key keys” bookmarked as favorites in regedit: Local machine software, local machine run, local machine uninstall, current user software and current user run.

If you use the installer, I’d say it’s better to uninstall the previous version before upgrading

Thanks! I will

Yeah, apparently I needed that third cup of coffee this morning before replying (which I didn’t have)… :smiley: I actually uninstall first. My older post was about cleaning up if I didn’t. Either works, but uninstalling first is definitely a wiser course.

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