Bug : RT quits unexpectedly when reading directory with RAF+PP3

Hello everyone,
I am new to RT, which I would very much like to use to process my RAW files shot with my Fujifilm X-T100.

I have noticed that I can preview a RAF file just fine (the thumbnails looks ok when browsing the directory containing the file - see Screen1).
However if I attempt to open or batch process such file (which leads to the creation of the associated PP3 file) the program crashes.
Trying to browse to the directory (which now contains the PP3 file) leads to RT quitting unexpectedly.

Please note that converting the RAF file to DNG also leads to RT quitting as soon as I try to navigate to the directory containing the DNG.

Could someone please advise me on how I could attempt to troubleshoot the issue?

You can find all related information, including stack trace, incriminated RAF+PP3 files and screenshot, at this Dropbox link:

Thank you for whatever help you might offer.

You need to use 5.4dev version and it will work: https://discuss.pixls.us/t/download-rawtherapee-development-builds/2924

Fuji X-T100 is newer than Raw Therapee 5.4 :wink: .

Btw, what do you think about the 15-45mm? I think it’s yet supooted via lensfun btw (https://wilson.bronger.org/calibration).

I have the 16-50 and i must say i have been surprised with its quality, much better than i expected! Despite being rather slow it’s really sharp.

Thank you.

@Jacopo_x86 thank you for providing all the needed info :+1:
Could you see if you can reproduce using the latest dev branch?
If you use Windows, get the latest RawTherapee_dev_* build from https://keybase.pub/gaaned92/RTW64NightlyBuilds/

Ok, I tried the dev version, as both gcc and Morgan_Hardwood suggested, and I can confirm that the dev version seems to work correctly with these files.

Thank you for your terrific help!

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